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Dog Walk Essentials: What Do You Need For Your Dog Walk?
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Dog Walk Essentials: What You Need For Your Dog’s Next Adventure

by PetFirst Pet Insurance
2 years ago

Heading out the door to take your furry friend on a walk? Read below to learn about some essential items that you shouldn’t leave home without when you are your pup are heading out for a walk.

Before we decide what is necessary for your next dog walk, let’s think about the importance of taking your dog on a walk.  

As a pet parent, it’s up to you to do what you can to keep your dog healthy and happy. That includes exercise, good food and investing in a pet healthcare policy to help assure he can receive any medical attention he needs should the occasion arise. 

Here are some reasons you should take your dog for a walk:

  • To give him regular exercise to keep him healthy
  • To tire him out and get out some energy.
  • To help his physical development 
  • To help him socialize with other humans and dogs 
  • To keep him from getting bored which could lead to stress and anxiety 

Dogs require exercise to not only give them the opportunity to relieve themselves but because they need the sensory benefits of being out-of-doors.

At a minimum, your dog should get a walk in the morning and before dinner then again before bedtime. If you have a pet sitter or dog walker, or if you’re home, your dog would love a midafternoon walk as well. 

Walking Break Necessities:

When you take your dog for his walk – whether it’s a long walk, a run through the woods or a slow stroll around the neighborhood, here are some items to consider taking along with you:

  • Wearing a harness or walking your pup on a leash can provide extra safety that your pup stays close by your side.
  • Be sure your pup is wearing a collar with his tags and your contact information on it as well.
  • Poo bags. You will want to be a responsible pet parent and pick up any messes your dog makes. Don’t leave his messes in someone’s yard or even on a path in the woods. 
  • Water. Bring along water for the two of you. Carry a collapsible bowl so he can take occasional drinks during the walk. The length of your walk and the weather will determine how much water you need to bring with you. 
  • Snacks. If you’re taking a long walk or a hike, bring snacks for you and your dog. When you stop to take a water break, have a snack at the same time. Bring along low-calorie treats for your dog – carrots, pieces of sweet potato or low calorie-dog-specific treats. You can also give your dog treats when he is walking next to you at “heel” and when he behaves well when confronted with a stranger or a strange dog.
  • Your emergency contact information. Your dog should wear a tag with your contact information, but you may also want to carry something with your information or emergency contact details – in case something happens and you need assistance.  
  • Weather specific essentials. If it’s raining, or it starts raining, you may both want a rain jacket. If you’re walking in the winter your dog may need a jacket and you may want to put paw balm on his feet to protect them from snow, ice and snow melting products.
  • Your cell phone. When you’re walking your dog you should be paying attention to your surroundings. Your cell phone is essential in case you run into any trouble – for yourself or if you see someone else is in need of assistance. And yes, we know, if your dog does something cute, you will want to take a photo too! 

Keep all of your dog walking essentials next to his harness, leash and collar; this way you don’t have to hunt around for any items when your dog is anxious to go on a walk.

Are you and your pup prepared for your next walking adventure?

Nothing in this article should be construed as financial, legal or veterinary advice. Please consult your own advisors for questions relating to your and your pet’s specific circumstances.

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