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Celebrating Family On National Kids & Pets Day

by PetFirst Pet Insurance
9 years ago

Family Budgeting

When we welcome pets into our homes, one thing is for sure: they quickly become part of our families.  Instead of human kids, many PetFirst members have furry kids (you know who you are)!  Though the group that perhaps best recognizes the value offered by our pet insurance is families with both human and furry kids.  Budgeting can become pretty important with so many mouths to feed, and the most important things our pet insurance products provide are consistency and peace of mind in managing your pet’s healthcare costs.  We’re here to make pet-related financial surprises as stress-free as possible.  That means we never want you to face a sudden situation in which you have to choose between the life and health of your pet, and bills and groceries. 

“A Boy and His Dog”

Parents with both children and pets will agree it’s undeniable: kids and pets form an incredible and special bond.  Especially from a young age, dogs in particular can become attached to, and even protective of young children.  And that bond that begins early can last a lifetime, the strength of which is portrayed in literature and pop culture in children’s stories like Shiloh, Where the Red Fern Grows, and Old Yeller.  If you’re looking for a new family member who can bring that kind of love to your home, check out www.petfinder.com, and also read our helpful tips for which breeds are best with children, here. If you’ve got kids that might be newer to the family than your dog, you’ll want to make sure everyone gets along great.  You’ll be making a great investment in love and family.

Tell Us About Your Family!

If you’ve got stories to share about a loving bond between your kids and pets, we would love to hear them! Share them below in comments, or post stories, pictures, or video on our Facebook page!

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