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7 Reasons To Love A Black Cat  

by PetFirst Pet Insurance
7 months ago

Tomorrow, August 17, is National Black Cat Appreciation Day. Ask any cat parent who shares his or her life with a black cat and you will hear about how loving and affectionate their black cats are. Hhhmmm sounds like black cats aren’t much different than cats of any color or stripe, right?   

Unfortunately, black cats have gotten a bad rap. Black cats are also the pets who languish in shelters because potential pet parents seem to pass pets of this color over for other colored cats.   

Here are some of the reasons black cats have been associated with superstition and bad luck:  

  • They’re associated with Halloween imagery, witches and bad luck  
  • In the 16th century Italy, it was believed if a black cat sat by your bed you would die 
  • If you see a black cat from behind, you will have bad luck. If you see a black cat walking toward you, you will have good luck. If the cat walks away, it takes the good luck with it

Thankfully, today even though superstitions about black cats still persist, more and more people are adopting black cats and myths are not frequently used as to why not to adopt a black cat.

Here are seven reasons to love a black cat 

  1. Egyptians revered all cats as good luck. Today black cats are viewed, by many cultures, as good luck. 
  2. Giving a black cat to a bride in the English Midlands is considered good luck.  
  3. In Scotland, if a stray black cat shows up on your doorstep, he brings prosperity with it. 
  4. Fishermen and their wives believed that seeing a black cat would bring good luck while fishing. 
  5. Black cats, in Japan, are considered good luck, especially for unmarried women. It’s believed that if a single woman owns a black cat she will attract suitors. 
  6. Black cats can be male or female, but more often than not, they are male 
  7. Black cats go with everything – you can’t see their fur on your furniture or your clothing! 

Don’t judge a cat by its fur. Cats come in many shapes, sizes and colors and black cats are just as loving and wonderful as any other cat you may share your life with.   

Looking for more reasons to share your life with a black cat?  

  1. They are movie stars! Black cats have appeared in movies and television shows like Coraline, Sabrina the Teenage Witch and the Simpsons 
  2. They are elegant. Their black fur seems to have a shimmer and a sheen that makes you yearn to pet their fur 
  3. They are like tiny ninjas slipping through the darkness of your home 
  4. Black cats love their pet parents.
  5. Black cats enjoy being petted and sharing their lives with other cat family members and humans just like any other cat

 Truly, black cats are no different than any other cat. If you’re looking to adopt a cat, why not consider a black cat from your local shelter – you will be glad you did  

Remember, if you’re adopting a cat or a kitten – regardless of its color – research cat health insurance. This will offer you peace of mind in the event your beloved cat gets injured or ill.

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