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6 Things Your Pets Might Do If They Had Thumbs
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6 Things Your Pets Might Do If They Had Thumbs

by PetFirst Pet Insurance
1 year ago

We love our pets just the way they are, but every now and then have you ever wondered about how helpful our pets could be if they would just help out a little around the house? Wouldn’t it be great to walk in the door after a busy day and find Fido vacuumed that fur off the couch? Or perhaps had dinner waiting for you as you do for him every night?

March 3rd, 2020 is National If Pets Had Thumbs Day, so why not imagine all the things your furry best friend might do with that extra digit!  Of course, as all pet parents know, some of our fuzzy pals have a penchant for the mischievous, so read on and ask yourself whether your pet would use her thumbs to be helpful or to get into trouble. 

Here are a few activities that just might get the thumbs up from pets if they had an opposable digit:

  1. Games They Might Play

Forget chasing sticks!  Your dog just might be up for a game of catch or Whiffle ball!

We all think our dogs are smart, right?  They certainly pick up more words than we give them credit for.  Just imagine testing out your pup’s word knowledge over a game of Scrabble™.  How many points could your pooch rack up for DONTCHEWIT or THATSMYSHOE if he landed it on a triple word spot?

Our pets might not give up the game of Fetch altogether, but they might turn the tables on us.  Just imagine Fido taking your most used items (iPhone, clothing, favorite shoes), throwing them as far as he possibly can, and waiting for you to go “fetch.” 

  1. Your Pets Could Text 

You wouldn’t have to add “buy pet treats” to your To-Do List.  Chances are your furry friend will have that covered. Not only that, she will likely snap pictures of the treats she wants you to buy and text them to you.  

Fifi and Fido will most likely also text you multiple times to pick up their favorite treats, toys, and food on your way home. 

And, of course, waiting for your favorite things makes every moment feel like an eternity so you can expect multiple texts asking when you are going to be home, how far you are from home, and how much longer until you arrive home.

  1. Hitch a Ride to the Store For Their Own Food

What do you think your canine and feline friends would carry up to the checkout? Chances are they would choose all the good stuff you don’t let them get when you do the shopping.

Treats would likely top the list, followed by bones and catnip.  Both Fido and Fluffy would likely ditch the dry food in favor of a variety of wet, sugary options, much like a little kid in the breakfast cereal aisle.

  1. Shop Online

Online shopping is easy and convenient, and chances are your pets have seen you do it.  It’s the perfect pastime for those pets who would rather not go to the effort of taking a walk or hitching a ride. 

So, what might you find when you return home, in addition to a maxed-out charge card and a lot of strange orders on your Amazon account?

It’s likely you would find boxes and boxes of chew toys, some high-end dog beds, the latest pet-fashion accessories, a variety of balls and bones, and toys with squeakers.  And, of course, one very tired delivery driver! 

Let’s not forget a Spotify subscription because let’s face it –  what self-respecting pet doesn’t want the newly-released Spotify playlists for pets left home alone?

  1. Take a Day Trip

With the ability to open and close doors on her own, your pet could easily sneak out for a day trip around the neighborhood or meet up with some pals for playtime at the local dog park.

Sure, you’ve taken Fido for walks around the neighborhood but she has to be wondering who has the biggest fenced-in yard.  And does that scruffy dog’s family ever scoop up after him? Who has his or her own dog house in the backyard?

The challenge of sneaking out for a day with some pals would probably be all the excitement she wants.  Just make sure you microchip your pet to ensure his or her safe return.

  1. Google It

Who knows what our furry friends do with the information they don’t quite understand.  However, if they had thumbs, they would likely do what they’ve seen us do when we have questions; Google them.

What do you think would be on your pet’s list of information to research?

  • Why did you chew that?
  • Who is such a sweetie, cutie, baby?
  • Who is a good boy?
  • Why is some food tastier than others?
  • Why can’t I just eat treats?
  • Can I make an Instagram account for my human?

The list is pretty endless.  It is fun to think about what our furry friends might do if they had opposable thumbs.  However, after thinking a bit about it, it’s a relief to know they will be home safely where we left them when we return.

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