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6 New Year’s Resolutions You’re Not Keeping!

by PetFirst Pet Insurance
8 years ago
We’re already almost a month into 2013, and usually around this time we see our resolutions starting to lose steam. Here are some ideas for resolutions you can make with your pet (or, if you already made them, encouragement to keep going)!

1.    Take care of your pet’s teeth.
Veterinarians recommend maintaining a pet’s dental health to avoid periodontal disease or tooth decay which can lead to infection. If you’re afraid of anesthesia for a cleaning, breakthroughs in veterinary technology have allowed some vets and even groomers to offer dental cleanings that are anesthesia free! Also, feeding your pet kibble, treats that assist in teeth cleaning, and even getting a pet toothbrush with pet friendly toothpaste can help your pet’s teeth stay healthy.

2.    Exercise.
This resolution’s a twofer.  It is recommended that pets get daily exercise just as people should, so why not incorporate your routine with your pet’s? Take your dog for a walk when they need to go out instead of just letting them out by themselves. Engage your cat in a game of cat and mouse by tossing their favorite toy through the house and follow them as they chase and paw after it.

3.    Spend quality time together.
Pets help relieve stress and they adore the attention that you provide, so this is another win-win. If they love to sit in your lap while you read, enjoy that quality time while you dust a book off the shelf. If your pet likes vacations, take them with you!  You can call a hotel or campsite to see if pets are allowed before making your reservation. This allows you to spend some quality R&R time with your pet and alleviates the stress that kenneling or finding a pet-sitter has on both of you.

4.    Improve your pet’s diet.
Have you been eager to start preparing meals for your pet or try switching them to a healthier food or eliminate those table scraps they get during dinner? If your vet approves, now is the perfect time to make the change!

5.    Keep them healthy.
Your pet’s annual exam is very important. Even if you don’t vaccinate your pet, annual exams allow your vet to check over your pet and catch any warnings of illness. Preventative treatments can add up, but maintenance of your pet’s health provides both of you an overall better quality of life. Pet insurance can assist in coverage with these routine care costs as well as the unexpected.

6.    Try PetFirst.
Customize coverage that fits for both you and your pet by utilizing our “Get a Quote” tool and make sure that you’re prepared for whatever 2013 brings!

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