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5 Ways to Celebrate National Pet Week

by PetFirst Pet Insurance
3 years ago


The first full week in May is National Pet Week, a time designated to celebrate, honor, and pamper the pets and the joy the bring to our lives. If you’re like me, every week is National Pet Week, but just in case, here are a few ways you can observe this special time.

Teach Your Dog a New Trick
Old dogs can learn new tricks, and it’s a good thing; learning new commands keeps your dog active and improves his overall health. Additionally, it stimulates the brain and boosts confidence, especially if your dog is a people-pleaser. Treat puzzles and other stimulating toys or games can be equally effective as they learn to figure out how to score the tasty snacks inside.

Volunteering is a perfect way to honor your pets this National Pet Week, and it’s a great way to get kids involved! Call your local animal shelter and ask if you may help around the facility or head to the dog park with a trash bag and pick up trash, poop scoop, or collect debris. Call local gyms and related facilities and ask if they collect old tennis balls you may have, and leave them in a bucket at the park for the neighborhood pups to enjoy.

Adopt a New Pet
If you’ve been thinking about adding a furry friend to the family, now is a great time to do it! What better way to honor pets everywhere than by giving a pet a furever home? Head down to your local shelter and spend some time with the available pets there, and you may come home with a new best friend! Before you go, collect any old towels, holey blankets, or other items the shelter may need and donate them while you’re there.

Schedule a Checkup
If your pet hasn’t been to the vet lately, this is a good time to schedule a routine checkup. Even if your pet seems to be doing fine, a wellness exam can alert you to common pet health issues that need to be addressed, such as dental hygiene, latent allergies, or deteriorating eyesight.

Get your best friend covered with a pet insurance plan to ensure they get the care they need when they need it. Thousands of pet owners every day are faced with veterinary bills over $1,000, and prohibitive expense can sometimes prevent pets from getting the treatment they need to live healthy, active lives. A good pet insurance plan covers common ailments and acute and chronic conditions that affect your pet’s quality of life.

However you observe National Pet Week, take a moment and give your best furiend extra cuddles, chin scratches, or belly rubs (and maybe an extra treat). Spend some extra time playing his favorite game or even pick up a new squeaky toy to add to the growing pile. Your best friend will stay by your side for the rest of her life; doesn’t she deserve it?

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