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5 Ways To Celebrate National Pet Month With Your Cat
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5 Ways To Celebrate National Pet Month With Your Cat

by PetFirst Pet Insurance
2 years ago

It’s National Pet month and because of that, we are looking at special and unique ways to celebrate with our cats.

Let’s face it, dogs are easy to please! Toss them a bone, rub their bellies and say, “Who’s a good boy!?” and your dog is ecstatic. It’s also pretty great for us, as the pet parent, to get enthusiastic responses from our dogs for the littlest things. 

Cats. Well, they are a different, um, animal! (pun fully intended!) Cats do love their pet parents, they just show it in a different, more restrained and they believe, dignified, manner.  

Cat parents know that cats crave attention, despite the myth that cats are loners and don’t really love their humans the way dogs do. Cats certainly do crave attention – on their own terms. Cats do love their humans – sometimes in small doses!  

If you’re looking for ways to celebrate your cat during National Pet Month and throughout the year, we have five ways to celebrate, but we are certain you can add to our list!  

Interact with your cat. Cats do crave attention. They do best when they have companionship. Cats are perceived as solitary animals, and while they may not be as gregarious and interactive as dogs are, they get lonely and when they get lonely they may act out by scratching inappropriate items or avoiding the litterbox.

If your cat is going to be home alone a lot, get her a companion. When you’re home, talk to your cat. Say her name and if she chatters back, keep up the conversation. She doesn’t care what you say, she just wants your attention. 

Toys matter. Cats need to exercise and one of the ways they do that is by tapping into their inner wildcat.

Indoor, domesticated cats love to pounce, hunt and chase toys. Give your cat some new toys, catnip filled are particular favorites for many cats. Swap out their current toys with new feature and filled toys – they get bored, too. Many cats love toys that crinkle and have you ever met a cat who doesn’t love chasing that little red laser dot?  

Vet your pet. One way to celebrate your cat is by keeping her safe and healthy. An annual check at your veterinarian will help assure your cat is healthy.

During the vet check, your veterinarian will take blood samples, weigh your kitty and check his teeth. His heart will be listened to, his ears checked and an overall health check-up performed.

Remember, cats are masters of disguise and your cat may be ill and you won’t even know it. Investing in a cat health insurance policy and taking her to the vets for annual check-ups will keep her healthy and happy for decades. 

Cats gotta scratch! A cat doesn’t scratch your leather couch or door frames and window sills because she wants to destroy the home! Your cat scratches because it’s an instinctual behavior.

Scratching removes dead skin from her claws. Scratching is also a way a cat marks her territory; there are scent glands in the paws and scratching releases those scents and lets other cats know, “this is my place to scratch.”

Because cats scratch, you need to provide her with scratching posts of various materials, heights and in varying locations throughout the house. Some cats enjoy scratching horizontally, others prefer vertical scratching posts. Some cats love the feel of sisal rope on their paws and claws, others prefer carpeted posts, some enjoy corrugated cardboard and others love to feel that they’re in nature and love to scratch on a log or tree branch.

Find the type of post your cat(s) likes and give her variety. Plan to replace them every six months or more depending on how often your cat scratches. 

Space matters. Cats crave privacy when they’re using the litter box. Litter box avoidance is the number one reason cats are surrendered to shelters. Prevent litter box avoidance by having one litter box per cat, scooping it daily and placing the litter box in a low traffic area.

The same goes for your cat’s food bowls. Don’t make your cats fight for their dinner with the family dog or the other cats. Give your cats their own bowls, and don’t make them eat with their backs to the door. It is an instinct that cats want to be facing an open door; place their bowls so they can get behind them and eat while keeping an eye on the door. If your cat is one who likes heights, offer them a place to eat that is off the floor. 

Bonus tip: Pet, scratch his belly, rub her under the chin and let her give you “head bumps.”

Not all cats welcome petting and not all cats want to expose their belly to you; if your cat offers her belly, it is a sign that she truly trusts you.

Stroke her softly. Always pet your cat from head to tail. Take cues from your cat’s behavior on when she has had enough attention. Some cats get overstimulated and will bite or scratch when they reach their limit of attention. 

Celebrate With Your Furry Friend

How will you and your cats celebrate National Pet Day? Share your family fun on social media and don’t forget to tag us and use #LoveYourPetFirst to be featured!

Is Your Cat Covered?

Celebrating with your cat this month and year-round is just as important as preparing for the unexpected.

Pet insurance provides peace of mind that if your pet gets sick or injured you don’t have to think twice about the financial aspect and you can just focus on your pet’s care.

The team at PetFirst Pet Insurance loves helping pet parents have the ability to give their pets the best care possible. As a pet parent, you can find the best coverage for your furry friend with PetFirst and our various options that fit your families needs.

Pet health insurance through PetFirst can help you offset the costs of a variety of medical conditions in your cat or dog.

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