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Which Dog Breeds are the Healthiest?

by PetFirst Pet Insurance
3 years ago

You want a healthy dog that doesn’t have any health problems, so which breed should you look into? Are some breeds of dog healthier than others?

The truth is, it’s hard to know for sure which dog breeds are the healthiest since everybody has different definitions of health. For the sake of this post, we’re defining healthy dog breeds as those with the fewest incidences of genetic disorders.

Don’t let this list be the defining factor when choosing a breed, however, since your dog’s personality and energy level needs to match your family’s, too.

Keep reading to learn more about some of the healthiest dog breeds.

1. Border Collies

As you’ll soon see, there are several working breeds on this list. When a dog is being bred for work, the breeders focus on health more than appearance, resulting in an overall healthier dog.

Border collies are known for being incredibly intelligent and eager to please. They also require a lot of exercise because they’ve been bred to have a lot of energy for work. While they can have issues with seizures and hypothyroidism, they’re generally healthy dogs.

2. Foxhounds

Another working breed, Foxhounds have been used for hunting foxes for centuries. As such, health and stamina have been bred into them for generations. While they’re still used for fox hunting in areas where it’s allowed, many Foxhounds now keep busy families company.

Hip dysplasia, ear infections, and some blood disorders can be seen in Foxhounds, but it’s not prevalent enough to know for certain if it’s a breed issue. Most dogs within this breed that have these problems are anomalies, not the norm.

3. Chihuahuas

One the complete opposite ends of the spectrum is a dog that was bred specifically for being a companion animal. Even so, they have few genetic conditions to speak of. While they do have some health concerns, many of those are related to this dog’s small size.

4. Siberian Husky

Unsurprisingly, another working dog has made the list of healthiest dog breeds. Siberian Huskies were first bred for pulling dog sleds in cold northern climates. Now, while most of them are companion animals, some still perform this job.

Like the other working dogs on this list, these are energetic dogs that require a LOT of exercise. Because of that, they are prone to obesity if not provided enough space to run in. Conditions like hip dysplasia are also seen in Huskies, but that may be due to their active lifestyle rather than genetics.

5. Mutts

The debate between purebred and mixed-breed dogs being healthier has raged on for decades, but new research finally has shed some light on this subject.

While some conditions are seen equally in both mutts and purebreds, others are much more common in purebreds. Dogs that have a mix of genetics have a better chance of avoiding conditions like hypothyroidism, elbow dysplasia, and cataracts.

Learn More About these Healthy Dog Breeds and Others

Now you’ve got a list of a few of the healthiest breeds of dogs to consider for your next family pet. Remember that even a healthy dog should be covered by pet insurance. After all, they still need routine veterinary care and could have an accident. Get a quote here. 

Other healthy dog breeds you can learn more about include:

You can check out our full list of breed spotlights here.

Guest Blogger: Melody Cary

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