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What’s in Your Disaster Kit?

by PetFirst Pet Insurance
4 years ago

The destruction left by Hurricane Harvey and the many pets displaced in the disaster remind us how important it is to have a plan in place for your family and pets in case of an emergency. Let’s talk about what should be included in that plan and how you can build a disaster preparedness kit for your pets.


Pet Disaster Preparedness Kit



  • Veterinary records

  • Rabies vaccination documentation

  • Prescriptions

  • Most recent test results (parvo, heartworm, etc.)

  • Any license or registration

  • Basic info – breed, sex, medical conditions, owner information

  • Your contact information


Food and Water

  • Two-week supply of medication, food, and drinking water for each pet – keep dry food in a waterproof container

  • Feeding instructions

  • Collapsible food and water bowls

  • Can opener for canned food

  • One-month dose of flea and tick prevention for each pet


Helpful Supplies

  • Leash or harness

  • Crates or carriers as appropriate

  • Collar with ID and up-to-date contact information

  • Blanket or towel

  • Pet first aid book and kit

  • Cleaning supplies and doggie bags


To Do List

  • Find a place to go in advance. Identify a kennel, shelter, pet-friendly hotel, or relative/friend outside of the affected area where you can take your pets in the event of an emergency

  • Ensure your pet’s microchip information is up-to-date

  • Place an emergency notification sticker on the windows of each entrance to your home with the number and breed of pets inside to alert emergency workers
  • ?Write your pet’s name, any medical information or behavioral issues, vet’s office and contact, and your contact information on a bandana or other fabric with a permanent marker. Tie it around your pet’s neck or attach it to his collar so the information is easily identified. You can also do this on a dog shirt or vest and place it on your dog. Just make sure it doesn’t restrict his movement. Wouldn’t try this with a cat.


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