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What it Takes to be A Responsible Pet Owner   
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What it Takes to be A Responsible Pet Owner   

by PetFirst Pet Insurance
2 years ago

Pet ownership is undoubtedly one of the most rewarding relationships for both humans and animals. The bond you form with your pet will bring you both years of laughter, wonderful times, and unparalleled love.    

Along with the rewards, owning a pet comes with a considerable amount of responsibility.  Your pet is depending on you. Therefore, bringing a new pet home is not a decision that should be taken lightly.  

What to consider before getting that puppy in the window 

 If you are on the fence about whether or not you are ready to bring a pet into your life, you should consider the following factors regarding being a responsible pet owner:   

  • Committing to caring for your pet for his or her entire life. 
  • Realizing that pet ownership will involve an investment of time and money. 
  • Providing a safe and healthy environment for your pet. 

This includes the basic necessities such as food, water, shelter, and toys. It also includes routine health care (veterinary visits) and companionship, along with other responsibilities such as grooming, training, socializing, walking, and playing with your pet.  

These responsibilities take a significant time commitment and have to be done daily to raise a healthy, well-adjusted pet.  Below are a few examples of pet ownership responsibilities:  

  • Establishing and maintaining a relationship with a veterinarian as soon as you bring your new pet home.  
  • Doing your part to manage pet overpopulation by having your pet spayed or neutered, as advised by your veterinarian.  
  • Providing preventive healthcare such as recommended vaccines, flea and tick control, and heartworm preventative, as recommended by your veterinarian.  
  • Following all local regulations regarding pets, such as licensing and leash laws.  
  • Having your pets correctly identified either with visible ID tags or microchips and ensuring the information in the associated databases is kept current. 
  • Socializing and training your pet(s) to make sure they are familiar with other pets and people.  
  • Providing exercise and mental stimulation that is appropriate for your pet.   

Responsible Pet Owner does not come with one definition. So we have added a few qualities that we feel are important in responsible pet ownership:  

  • Make your pet a part of your family. Pets need companionship. Dogs, in particular, are pack creatures by nature and feel most comfortable living indoors with their family members.  
  • Make your pet’s health a priority.  Providing insurance for your pet can also be essential to your pet’s health. Emergencies can happen at any time. Be sure your pet will get the help he needs no matter the cost.  
    At PetFirst, we offer Routine Care Coverage that helps with everyday costs related to vet check-ups and other proactive health visits.  We also have policies to fit every budget. Get a quote today.  
  • Pet-proof your home.  At PetFirst, we also encourage you to do your research and find out what foods and household products are dangerous to pets.  Make sure these are kept securely out of paw’s reach.   
  • Make plans for the care of your pet(s) if you should be away or if you should be unable to care for them yourself.   

Last but not least, remember that you are the most important thing in your pet’s world.  Your fur-friend waits for you to come home and is always eager to see you. The best thing you can do is return that love and enjoy every minute you can with your pet. 

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