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Trixie’s Story

by PetFirst Pet Insurance
3 years ago

Trixie is an 8 yr. old mix who has been insured with PetFirst for over 4 years. Trixie recently had a health scare and her mom Samantha shared her story with us.

‘After getting a call that Trixie was not feeling well and vomiting earlier in the day, I arrived home to discover she had become very lethargic within an hour of taking her home. Her condition continued to decline and by 7 p.m. she was unable to walk.

With no hesitation I rushed Trixie to the emergency clinic, where she began to have labored breathing and became unresponsive. She was immediately hooked up to an IV to receive fluids. They drew blood panels and within an hour Trixie was diagnosed with pancreatitis.

Due to her unwillingness to eat, Trixie had to remain on IV fluids for three days in intensive care at the emergency clinic, with around the clock care from their staff. The decision to keep Trixie in the care of the professionals until she was able to eat solid food was made much easier because I knew I has PetFirst pet insurance. 

After Trixie regained her appetite she was released from the clinic, with appetite suppressants and pain medication to help with the discomfort.

The total bill was much larger than I anticipated, but luckily I had PetFirst Pet Insurance and I was able to receive 90% of the cost to treat Trixie and get her back to her active and lively self.’

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