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Top 5 Poison Prevention Tips For Pets

by MetLife Pet Insurance
8 years ago

Since March kicks off Poison Prevention Awareness Month we’ve decided to bring you 5 top tips for preventing your beloved canine or feline friend from experiencing the dangers of a potentially poisoning.

  1. With the cold weather still upon us in many parts of the country, anti-freeze poisoning is an important concern. Did you know that when cats or dogs ingest even a small amount of anti-freeze it can prove fatal? The best ways to prevent this type of poisoning is to keep cats and dogs out of the garage, store the product in a locked cabinet, and clean up any and all spills after using the product. Some companies have produce anti-freeze that propylene glycol based that is less harmful to pets. After making sure that this type of anti-freeze is compatible with your vehicle, you may consider switching to this type of anti-freeze for further precaution.
  2. With springtime approaching, Easter lilies become a household staple and a common gift. Lilies and other similar household plants can cause kidney failure in our feline friends when ingested. It’s best to keep the lilies out of the house, or keep them in a room that the cat will have no access to.
  3. While a nice batch of guacamole and chips, or a chili flavored with onions and garlic sounds delicious to you and me, avocados, onions, garlic and a slew of other common foods delicious and nutritious to humans pose potential dangers for pets. Grapes, chocolate, and even coffee are also dangerous. Keep these products in pet-proofed cabinets safe out of “paws’” reach.
  4. Thinking of starting a garden this spring? Any pesticides used are dangerous if ingested by your beloved dog or cat. Keep cats indoors and dogs away from the garden. An even healthier alternative for you and your pets is to go organic—swap the pesticides for natural alternatives.
  5. It’s widely known that both cats and dogs can get fleas, but did you know that flea medicine for canines can be poisonous to felines and vice versa? Make sure to check the specifications on the label and use the medicine according to the directions.

If you think your cat or dog may have ingested a potential poison hazard, you’ll want to call the animal poison control center, and head to an emergency vet. Here at PetFirst, we provide pet insurance for dogs and cats so that loving pet parents like you can focus on the needs and health of your pet—not the medical costs, whether that be from a poison ingestion, or from a sprained paw.

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