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Tips for Giving Your Pet Medicine

by PetFirst Pet Insurance
1 year ago

Administering your dog or cat’s medication can prove to be quite difficult. Remember, some dogs and cats respond well with taking their medication, whereas others may give you a difficult time every dose! Here are some tips for giving your pet medicine:

Cat gently taking a tablet-shaped pill out of its owner's fingers

What is the easiest way to give your pet a pill?

The best method to utilize when giving your dog or cat a pill is through their favorite food or snack. Pills can be hidden inside a piece of canned food, peanut butter, cheese or other favorite snack. A great way to disguise pills is through Greenie Pill Pockets, which your pet may mistake as a tasty treat instead of medication. Prior to utilizing this technique though, it is important to ask your veterinarian if your pet’s medication can be administered with food.

What is the best way to get your pet to take liquid medicine?

When providing your dog or cat with liquid medication, you should begin by filling the syringe with the medication some place your pet is not able to see you. Then, place one hand over your pet’s muzzle with your thumb on one side and your fingers on the other. Your ‘free’ hand should be utilized to hold the syringe.

Following these steps, insert the syringe between your dog or cat’s teeth, then close their mouth while tilting their head back slowly. Be certain to administer the medication in a manner it will slide down the back of their tongue. To assist your dog or cat in taking the medication, very lightly stroke their throat.

If you do not want to use the above technique with liquid medication, you can try to insert the medication into a small amount of canned dog food and water. Be certain to make the dog food gravy-like with water prior to squirting in the oral medication.

My cat won’t take liquid medicine – now what?

If your cat is giving you a hard time, there is an alternative method you could try. An alternative idea for cats is to squirt the medication on their foreleg. Cats do not like to be messy and will often lick the medication off of their leg. Do not try this method with dogs. As many of you know, some dogs do not mind being messy.

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