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Tips for Giving Pets as a Gift

by MetLife Pet Insurance
5 years ago

The holiday season is finally here! If you or a family member are thinking of giving the gift of a pet this year here are some tips and tricks to take in to consideration before you take that leap.

Ask yourself: Am I honestly ready for this responsibility?

A pet is a big responsibility and it is important to know all the facts before making this long-term commitment.

Know your lifestyle

If you work a lot a puppy might not be a great choice, but a cat could be fantastic. Puppies and kittens are cute for pictures and videos but remember you still have to clean up their accidents or deal with them crying in their crate all night. There’s a big myth that adult pets don’t bond or settle in quickly. Adult pets can actually settle in quicker and adapt because they’re not going through the teething/housebreaking stages that younger animals will. It’s totally up to you — I chose a puppy, and worked through the growing pains of raising a furry toddler, but know that, especially Keep in mind that if you don’t have the time or means to crate train or be home with a new little one, adult or older pets can be a great option (and you’ll be giving a pet a second chance at a good life).

Have your future in mind

Do you plan to find affordable housing? Are you a frequent vacationer or do you travel for work? How about expendable funds? Not only will pet food, toys, and medication (among other things) be a permanent part of your budget, but you should also be thinking about pet insurance for those just emergency vet visits that are bound happen.

Are you ready for the commitment?

Maybe a puppy or kitten aren’t right for you or you aren’t sure whether to take the leap and make that long-term commitment. Most shelters have programs where you can be a foster family for a sick pet while they find their forever home. With foster pets, the shelter takes care of the medical care and you just provide the love without the commitment

Consider adoption

It’s good to make sure everyone is involved in the decision to make sure that you find the right fit for your family. That is not saying that you can’t have a pet as a gift for the holidays, but consider getting a gift certificate for a shelter or wrapping a collar as the present.

Let the pet pick you

People tend to pick pets from pictures online which can be a problem. Going into a shelter or going to visit a certified breeder and letting the pet pick you can lead to a much better fit.


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