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Tips for Boarding Your Pet

by PetFirst Pet Insurance
4 years ago

The closing of the year includes travel for many people. For those with pets, the question arises of whether or not to board your pet for the duration of holiday travel. By taking note of a few boarding do’s and don’ts, you can help ensure a stress-free time for you and your pet this holiday season.

Believe it or not, there are many benefits when boarding your pet. Boarding can be safe—and often fun—for your furry family member.

  • DO research boarding camps and kennels in your area and compare reputability. Visit facilities first-hand to get a feel for the level of care and comfort provided.
  •  “Get recommendations,” said Richard Schlatter, general manager of Green Leaf Pet Resort.
  • DON’T wait until last minute to confirm your pet’s stay.
  •  “Book your stay early,” said Schlatter. “Many facilities will book up just as hotels do.”
  • DO make certain your cat or dog is up-to-date on vaccinations and is in good health. Most boarding facilities require this as a prerequisite to boarding. It helps keep your pet, and the pets of others safe and healthy during their stay.
  • DO inform the kennel of any special needs your pet may have. Does your pet have allergy medication or need a special supplement? Does your dog get anxious during storms? Make sure to let the staff know.
  • “I always label all of my stuff and type up any feeding/medication directions,” said Becca Spalding, claims administrator at PetFirst and frequent boarder. “The easier I can make it for the employees, the less they have to call me or second guess the care they are giving to my pets.”
  • DO drop off a comfort item with your furry friend. If your pet is prone to homesickness or anxiety, a beloved blanket or toy will help ease the transition for the time you’ll be out of town.
  • DON’T be overbearing. The staff of reputable facilities are pet-lovers too. Trust they will take care of your pet. Don’t call multiple times a day or give them an exhaustive list of down-to-the-minute times of when your pet needs to sleep or be given a special treat.
  • DO thank the staff and tip for services when picking up your canine or feline family member. They’ve been working hard to ensure your pet is happy and healthy while you were away. Make sure to express your gratitude on behalf of your less vocal counterpart.
  • DON’T worry if your pet is tired and sleeps much of the time upon your reunion. He’s been spending his time playing with other pooches all day in a new environment. Now that he’s home with his family, he’ll feel comfortable to rest. You’ll have plenty of much-wanted play time together before long.

Altogether, the end of the holiday season carries much fun for you and your pets. Whether your canine or feline counterparts travel alongside you this season, or they’re given their own vacation at a resort, camp or boarding facility, we wish safe and happy celebrations to all. And don’t forget: you can give the gift of pet insurance to protect your four-legged family member (and your budget) during the holidays and all through the year.

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