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Three Important Reasons Indoor Cats Need Pet Insurance

by PetFirst Pet Insurance
9 months ago

If you are an owner of a cat that spends the majority of the time indoors, you may be asking yourself does my indoor cat that leads a pampered charmed life really need pet insurance? While outdoor cats certainly have more potential risk for accidents and injuries due to their surroundings, indoor cats are still at risk for serious health conditions, despite their cushy living conditions. 

As a pet parent of an indoor cat, here are four reasons you should consider pet insurance for your feline family member.

Cat insurance is typically very cost effective:  

Each pet insurance provider has their own rating formula that determines cost of premium, so there are no hard and fast rules on pricing. However, cat insurance is typically less expensive than dog insurance. PetFirst offers multiple pet insurance plan options  for cats to provide pet parents flexibility on pricing and coverage. 

Accidents and injuries still can occur indoors: 

As mentioned above, outdoor cats are definitely exposed to hazardous situations given their time spent outdoors. However there are many accidents and injuries that can occur to indoor cats that can be just as serious and just as expensive. Accidents and injuries that may be a result of the living environment aside, all cats are susceptible to illnesses including digestive issues, cancer, diabetes, thyroid disease, leukemia, kidney failure, heart disease, and more. 

Breed Specific Conditions: 

Many cats face medical issues that aren’t related to their overall health or accidents at all. Some cat breeds have breed specific conditions that can become quite costly. PetFirst covers the treatment of breed specific conditions in cats,  as a standard part of our pet insurance coverage.  For example,  Abyssinians can be affected by retinal atrophy, a disease that causes blindness as early as eight to 12 weeks old.This is one reason why PetFirst recommends getting coverage on your cat as early as possible and protecting from situations such as these. 

Regardless of your feline family member’s living conditions, pet insurance allows pet owners to budget for their cats’ health care needs and expenses. PetFirst Pet Insurance strives to not only provide peace of mind for our policyholders, but also to protect your wallet when the time comes to cover the cost of your pet’s veterinary care. 

Don’t let your indoor cat be left out in the cold when it comes to pet insurance coverage. Get a free quote for your furry family member today in less than two minutes. 

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