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The Top 5 Reasons Every Pet Parent Should Have Pet Insurance

by PetFirst Pet Insurance
1 year ago

Whether you are the single pet parent, the young couple, the growing family, or the retiree; at each stage in our pet parent lives every penny counts. We are always hesitant to make frivolous and unnecessary purchases at any of these stages, because there is always something that we should be saving towards. It’s often what draws hesitation before the purchase of pet insurance. Is it a necessary expense? Shouldn’t you just save your money?

We are here to help you see the value of pet insurance at any time in your life as a pet parent. As long as you’re invested in the health and well-being of your pet, it should be one of your necessary expenses.

  1. Money Saved

Pet Parents in the United States are expected to spend more than $15 billion this year on veterinary care. PetFirst Pet Insurance will help you recover most of your vet bill.  It’s important to remember to get the most value from your pet insurance, you should begin coverage during your pet’s earliest years. The number one exclusion for all pet insurance companies is preexisting conditions. This means any illness or accident that existed prior to purchasing your policy will not be covered. Early coverage can help save you more money with your pet insurance.

  1. Healthier Pets

Pet insurance helps you afford treatments and procedures that help your pet live their healthiest life. Knowing that you don’t have to cover all of the costs for a veterinary trip, PetFirst parents are more likely to seek help for their pet. Medicine is making more extensive testing and treatment options readily available to pet owners – allowing pets to live longer, happier lives. Previously reserved for their human counterparts, pets are now able to be treated for almost anything from arthritis and anxiety to cancer and seizures. Pet insurance helps to cover costs for that were once not even existent.

  1. No Hard Choices

Every 6 seconds a pet owner is faced with a vet bill of more than $1,000. A pet parent shouldn’t have to decide whether or not to save their pet’s life because of their financial situation. PetFirst Pet Insurance helps to remove those difficult decisions by covering the cost for most procedures and surgeries. In addition, as more medical discoveries are made, more hard choices are also made by pet parents. A pet parent shouldn’t have to pass an opportunity that could potentially save them.

  1. Customizable Options

PetFirst Pet Insurance provides customizable options that accommodates all budgets. Our team works with each parent to make sure they are signing up for the best plan for their pet and their wallet. At any time during your policy you can alter your coverage to make sure that your monthly or annual payments are never a financial burden.

  1. Peace of Mind

1-in-3 pets need emergency veterinary treatment every year. A pet parent shouldn’t have to worry ‘when’ or ‘if’ an incident will occur,  they should be focusing on enjoying their life with their pet.  The reassurance of coverage allows you to care for your pet with unconditional love and support. Pet insurance provides you with a sense of security because you’ve taken all of the actions needed to give them the best life possible. Once you’ve brought your pet home, you’ve already made the first step to provide them with the love and shelter to live their happiest life. The second and next step is to make sure you provide them with the insurance that will give them the resources for their healthiest and longest life. 

PetFirst Pet Insurance is valuable and worth every penny if you want to feel safe and secure. PetFirst Pet Insurance allows you to be there for your pet through any accident or illness, making it easier to enjoy all those times in between.  Receive a free quote and get signed up for pet insurance today.


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