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The Importance of Dog Grooming

by PetFirst Pet Insurance
2 years ago

Contributed by Guest Blogger, Emily Folk

Dogs are known for being full of love, energy, and devotion to whoever is part of their family. They bring happiness wherever they go, and dog owners are always looking to return the joy with endless love and care. New dog owners have a lot they can look forward to discovering as they get to know their dog and experience life together, and one of the things every dog owner should learn about is the importance of grooming.

Grooming is essential for keeping your dog feeling their best, even when you don’t think they need any grooming attention. It’s about more than a quick bath or a few minutes spent sitting with a brush. The care that’s put towards their hair, nails and more can extend the life of your pet by helping them stay healthy. To learn more about dog grooming, read about why it’s so important and how your dog will benefit from a little extra care.

Not All Dogs are the Same

People who may have had dogs in the past can feel like they know everything there is to know about dog grooming. Give them a bath, a brush and they’re good to go. The trouble comes when people get a new dog breed, since each one will require something a little different in terms of grooming. It’s very important that every dog owner knows exactly what their dog’s breed needs when it comes to grooming, and here’s why.

A standard dog that many families have is the golden retriever. They have long, soft hair, so they’re known for shedding. They need to bathed and brushed, but there isn’t anything particularly challenging about their upkeep. Even the slightest change in breed can change that entirely, making grooming an even more essential part of your dog’s life.

A golden doodle — a mix between a poodle and a golden retriever — really can’t go a week without brushing. The poodle part of their genes makes their hair mat instead of shed, so it becomes tangled quickly. The longer these mats are left to build up, the harder they are to untangle. It can cause irritation and pain, not to mention large chunks of their hair cut out of the mats get bad enough. Golden doodles also need their ears cleaned out monthly, as their hair makes wax build up quickly.

Trimmed Nails are Key

Forgetting to trim your dog’s nails could end up harming their health. Long nails cause dogs to experience pain while they walk, because the pressure of each footstep pushes the nail up into the nail bed. Longer nails also lead to spine issues, since dogs have to stand differently when their nails are long compared to how they normally stand with short nails.

Diseases Are Caught and Prevented

As your dog gets professionally groomed, they get checked all over for potential diseases. Their teeth, eyes, ears, nose and paw pads are all inspected for any abnormalities. If your dog was given a quick bath at home, you might not catch anything unusual. Grooming can be expensive, especially for bigger dogs with thicker coats, but it’s worth every penny to have a professional take care of your furry best friend so they can get any and all the help they need.                    

If you’re new to the dog world, just moved or have any other reason to not have a groomer you can trust, it only takes a minute to look one up online. You may even find more than a groomer, since groomers often have resources for supplies, parks and other products they recommend. Read the reviews and pay attention to the ones left by people who have the same breed as you.

Talk with the groomer about how often your dog should be brought in, so you can get health grooming habits started right away. Your dog will thank you, and when you can run your fingers through their clean, sweet smelling fluff, you’ll be glad you trusted someone to take care of your dog’s grooming.

Your pet’s grooming helps to keep them healthy and safe. PetFirst Pet Insurance is here to help your pet when those accidents and illnesses do occur.   PetFirst strives to not only provide peace of mind for our policyholders, but also to protect your wallet when the time comes to cover the cost of your pet’s veterinary care. Make sure your pet is covered today, get a free quote 

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