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Take a Walk! Celebrate National Walk Your Dog Week

by PetFirst Pet Insurance
12 months ago

Does your pup love to get outside and enjoy a nice walk? If so, this week is a perfect week to get outside and do just that.

Beginning October 1st you and your pup can join a nation of dog owners in celebrating the many benefits of walking together. So it’s time to dig out those sneakers and prepare your pups paw pads because the first week in October is National Walk Your Dog Week!

National Walk Your Dog Week is a reminder to pet parents that exercise is crucial to a canine’s health. The week-long holiday has been observed during the first week of October since 2010. This year the start of this fun-filled week of walking begins on Tuesday, October 1st, 2019 (It’s probably no coincidence that National Pet Obesity Day is also recognized on October 12th).

What is National Walk Your Dog Week?

National Walk Your Dog Week was created by Pet Lifestyle Expert Colleen Paige. The goal is to help increase awareness about the dangers of pet obesity and to encourage people to adopt shelter dogs and start walking with them. 

It’s a week dedicated to raising awareness about the role exercise plays in the health of your dog, yourself, and the health of your entire family.

Why walk?

For both humans and canines, obesity is a growing problem. Did you know:

  • Close to 17 million dogs in the United States are overweight? That’s more than 40% of dogs.
  • If you walk your dog at least thirty minutes a day, both you and your canine companion benefit?
  • A thirty-minute walk will help you (and your dog) meet recommendations for heart-healthy exercise.

National Walk Your Dog Week encourages canines and their humans to get out and start moving.  And hopefully, the week will get everyone pumped enough to make exercise part of their daily routine.

The connection between behavior and exercise

Behavior issues are one of the top reasons owners surrender dogs to shelters. Many behavior issues are the result of insufficient exercise and lack of stimulation. Dogs who are left home alone or left in crates all day may act out in destructive ways.

National Walk Your Dog Week helps spread awareness about dogs in shelters. The week is also a reminder that shelter dogs are waiting for loving homes (in case you need a walking buddy to motivate you!).

If you are not looking to add a dog to your home, why not volunteer to walk a shelter dog during the first week in October. It’s a beautiful time of year, and the fresh air will be good for both you and the lucky dog(s) who get some additional human companionship.

Make a commitment

Commit to walking daily with your best fur-friend. Aim to walk 30 minutes, five to seven times a week at the least (your pup will most likely love more!). Your heart and your dog will thank you. Exercising and feeding your dog a healthy, balanced diet will go a long way toward giving you and your canine companion many happy years together.

Be safe when walking with your dog

  • Keep your dog on a secure leash at all times unless you are in the safety of a securely fenced-in area.
  • Make sure your dog is microchipped and is wearing a collar with visible I.D. tags.
  • Choose indoor exercise if it is too hot or too cold outside.
  • Keep in mind that older dogs have more difficulty regulating their body temperature, and are more sensitive to the heat and cooler temperatures.
  • Wear reflective clothing (and use reflective vests and leashes) if you are walking at dawn, dusk, or in flat light.

Should I have Pet Insurance?

In addition to regular walks and a healthy diet, you can make sure your dog has regular vet visits and proper medical care. 

Here at PetFirst, we know accidents and illnesses happen to all pets. PetFirst is here for every dog and cat. From common colds to more significant health problems, pet insurance can help cover unexpected vet visits.

Pet insurance provides peace of mind that if your pet gets sick or injured, you don’t have to worry about the financial aspect of his treatment.  You can just focus on your pet’s care. You can get a free quote today and help provide the best life possible for your pet.

We hope you and your furry friend enjoy this week (and every week) full of outdoor time and fun walks!

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