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Symptoms of Cancer in Your Pets

by PetFirst Pet Insurance
4 years ago

May is Pet Cancer Awareness Month, a time for pet owners to learn more about the possible warnings signs and symptoms, the risks of their particular breed and treatment options.

Cancer can manifest in a variety of symptoms affecting various areas of your pet’s body.  These signs and symptoms can be masked or go undetected.

Veterinarian performing a routine examination on a small kitten

Masses that could be cancerous will appear on the surface of the skin in the shape of a lump or knot A majority of those masses can be removed and considered cured with no further treatment.

However, that is not always the case.  Just like with humans, cancer can be a silent killer, growing in our pets.  Pets tend to have a higher pain tolerance and can’t verbalize not feeling well, so cancer can go undetected for a while. Most cancers are diagnosed while a vet is examining your pet for a different condition.

Signs to watch for:

  • Not eating or eating infrequently
  • Vomiting
  • Blood in their urine
  • Losing weight
  • Lethargic
  • Inability to be comfortable when resting, restlessness

Some of the most common cancerous conditions range from lymphoma and skin cancer to bone, chest or splenic (spleen) masses.  Most of these cancers are treatable, and with a Lifetime Pet Insurance Policy, the cost is manageable. Without a pet insurance policy, the costs for removing cancerous masses could reach well into the thousands of dollars.

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