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Super Bowl Party Pet Safety

by PetFirst Pet Insurance
1 year ago

Before you bring out the wings, dips, and friends. We have some pet safety tips to keep in mind for your Super Bowl party. 

  1. Keep the food out of reach from your pet. Certain items such as chicken wings are choking hazards for your pet. But other items might contain ingredients such as garlic, onion powder, chocolate, and more that could make your pet ill. It’s best to stay on the safe side and not share any food in which the ingredients are unknown. If you believe your pet has eaten something they shouldn’t have, contact the Pet Poison Hotline  at 855-764-7661. This consultation can be covered with your PetFirst Pet Insurance policy.
  2. Keep the garbage secure. Sometimes our pets find their way to food one way or another. Don’t forget to securely put the trash away so they can’t go searching for any remains of a good party.
  3. Keep an eye out for any stressful situations. If you know that your dog or cat is easily stressed or commonly experiences anxiety, prepare for the situation in advance. It might be best to secure them in a separate location especially if they shouldn’t be left unattended around guests.

The Super Bowl is a fun time but our pet’s safety is always a priority. PetFirst Pet Insurance is here to help cover the unexpected accidents and illnesses that might occur at your party and any day of the year, get a quote today. 

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