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Summer Pet Safety Tips

by PetFirst Pet Insurance
7 years ago

Protect your pet during the dog days of summer with these summer pet safety tips.

Summer has officially arrived! Sunshine, hot temperatures and rising humidity are here to stay! How is your pet handling the warmer weather and are you keeping a watchful eye on your furry family member?

Fluffy small white dog laying on a blue floaty in a clear swimming pool while wearing a pair of black sunglasses

Warmer weather on our pets can be stressful. Pets can’t control the thermostat like we can and they depend on us to provide shelter, fresh water and grooming maintenance. So what do you need to watch for with your pet this summer?

Similar to the human body, a dog or cat’s body is affected by rising temperatures creating a variety of health risks. Hyperthermia is when your pet’s body temperature goes above the normal range (100 – 102.5 F) for a prolonged amount of time. The effects of hyperthermia can include lethargy, vomiting, diarrhea, seizures, organ failure, coma or even death, all common symptoms of a heat stroke in pets.

To prevent hyperthermia or a heat stroke keep the following tips in mind:

  • Make sure your pet is indoors during the hottest part of the day. Air conditioning and circulation of air is recommended to help pets keep their cool both indoors and while riding in a car.
  • Fresh water that is cool is essential to preventing hyperthermia. Water temperature is very important. Avoid giving your pet ice cold water and ice cubes, particularly if your dog is over heated. Instead offer your dog small amounts of cool water.
  • Walks and outdoor playtime should be scheduled for early morning or lateevening to avoid theafternoon heat.
  • Keep your pet’s coat maintained. This is important for short and long-hair pets, any pet that sheds excess hair. By having the coat properly maintained and removing the lose hair, it allows air to circulate at the skin’s surface.

Water safety for our pets is also important during the summer months. Most dogs love to jump in the pool with the kids or tag along at the lake for a fishing trip. Keep these tips in mind when around the water this summer:

  • Invest in a life-jacket for your dog. Although he may be a strong swimmer, similar to humans, pets can become tired or ill while in the water and quickly go under.
  • Ear infections are very common in dogs who swim. Ask your veterinarian about an ear cleanser which can be used after swimming.
  • Always provide fresh, clean water for your pet to drink. Even though you are surrounded by water, lakes and ponds can contain bacteria. Fresh, clean drinking water will help your pet flush out the contaminated water more quickly, while keeping them hydrated.
  • Bait and fishing supplies make a dog very curious, so be sure to keep your tackle box closed and under surveillance. If your pet does ingest fishhooks, bobbers and lures, seek medical treatment right away.

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