Puppy Care 101: Best Practices to Help Care for a New Dog
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Puppy Care 101: Best Practices to Help You Care for Your New Pooch

by PetFirst Pet Insurance
4 years ago

A new puppy is always a cute and fluffy surprise, but it takes a little bit more than cuddling your new four-legged friend to make sure they live a happy and healthy life. 

The first thing you need to understand is that a new dog will require a major lifestyle change. It takes a little more than puppy food and playtime to help your new pooch thrive! Here are a few tips to help you ensure your new dog’s life is off to a great start.

Find a Great Vet 

If you’ve had dogs in the past and have a veterinarian you trust, keep seeing them. If this is your first time with a new dog, then you need to find a great, reliable vet to help you care for your dog over the course of his or her life. This is the most important first step to take as a new dog owner, as it will help you set up preventative care and start to think about what kind of health issues your dog may face in the future. 

Buy Quality Food 

Puppies have different dietary needs than adult dogs because their bodies are still growing. This is why it’s especially important to find good quality food that’s formulated specifically for puppies. A statement from the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) should alert you as to whether or not the food meets certain canine dietary requirements. 

Set Up a Bathroom Routine 

After finding a good vet, potty training is an imperative step to take, especially if you want to avoid cleaning the carpets constantly! If you’re struggling to come up with a good schedule, some of the best times to let your dog out are right after you wake up, right before you go to sleep, and whenever your dog eats or drinks a lot of water. 

Invest in Puppy Health Insurance 

Once you’ve figured out your veterinarian situation, make sure you invest in pet insurance. Pet owners in the U.S. spend approximately $13.59 billion on veterinary care annually, and pet insurance can help with those costs. If the breed of dog you own is prone to certain health issues, this is a critical step to take.
Remember, puppies are for life, not just a great present. Don’t let your new pooch’s care fall to the wayside!

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