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Pet Travel Checklist

by PetFirst Pet Insurance
3 years ago

Some might say traveling with children is never easy, but we’d like to help make traveling with your furry children a little less painful. We’ve assembled a checklist to help your next trip go more smoothly for you and your furry family members.

Pre-Trip Prep:

Documentation: Make sure that your pet is up-to-date on all vaccines as some hotels/rental companies require verification. To be safe, it’s best to have these documents on hand. If there is an emergency, these documents will help provide information to another veterinarian if your vet is not reachable.

Lodging: Don’t forget to do your research ahead of time on your lodging’s pet policies and fees. is a site filled with recommendations for best places to stay with pets. In addition, Kimpton Hotel is one of the only hotel chains that allows pets of all sizes without any fees at any of their locations. They even have their own Pet Concierge!

Packing: If you have any prescriptions or specialty foods for your pet, it is sometimes overlooked in the heat of packing. To ensure that it’s not forgotten prepare these items in advance so that it’s already packed and ready. If you are usually one to lose items, keep their prescriptions with your important valuables so that they aren’t left behind. Pet Life Today has a helpful packing list as well, view that here. 

The Car Trip: If you’ve never gone on a long car trip with your pet before, it could be helpful to speak with your vet beforehand to be prepared for possible motion sickness or stress. There are certain over-the-counter medication that can ease these troubles, but it’s best to consult your vet first.  

New Environments: Some pets take a bit more time to accommodate to new environments. Take some time when you arrive at your destination to make sure your pet feels comfortable, it could be helpful to keep them with you during the first day

One of the benefits of PetFirst Pet Insurance is that if anything happens during your travels, you can take your pet to see any licensed veterinarian. It never hurts to do a little extra research on the closet veterinarian and animal hospital just in case any accident or illness does come up on your trip.


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