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Pet Sitter Checklist

by PetFirst Pet Insurance
2 years ago

Going out of town for a weekend getaway, or for a much longer vacation, and aren’t able to take your pets along? Many pet parents reach out to family members, friends and even neighbors to help take care of their furry friends. Make this time as easy and enjoyable for your sitter and your pets as possible. Here is our checklist of things to prepare for your pet sitter – that way you won’t have to look for someone new next time you go out of town.

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Pet Sitter Checklist

  • Vacation Itinerary – include time and date of your departure and expected arrival
  • Contact Information – be sure your sitter has your cell phone number, hotel information and room number in case they need to get a hold of you
  • Other Friends or Family Members Contact Information – in case they cannot get a hold of you, be sure they can reach someone else in case something comes up and they cannot care for your precious pets, or have an emergency
  • Key & Security Alarm Information
  • Primary Vet Information – be sure to include the name of the practice, veterinarian they usually see, clinic address and phone number
  • Emergency Vet Clinic Information – should something happen to your pet after your primary vet’s office hours, having an emergency animal hospital’s information nearby will help ease the tension and allow your pet to get the treatment it needs more expediently
  • Feeding and Walking Schedule
  • List of Medications and Usage Instructions – even if you dog doesn’t take daily medications, if you pet suffers from seasonal allergies or has the tendency to get hot spots, be sure to leave medications out and clearly labeled with instructions
  • List of Food and Treats (and where you can buy them) – thought you had enough to last through the weekend? What if your flight ends up cancelled and you don’t get in until a day after you originally planned? Your sitter may need to run out for additional food and treats – make it easy for them to find what you buy and where you usually get it from.
  • Lists of Pet Care Items (and where they are stored) – leash, brush, food, ear cleaning pads, sweater (if it’s cold outside), etc.
  • Favorite Toys
  • Dangers Along Walking Route – be sure to note if a specific neighbor isn’t pet-friendly and yells if your pet accidentally pees in their yard, or if there is a pet that doesn’t get along with your loveable furball so they can be sure to avoid those encounters – they are awkward enough for you, don’t drag your sitter into them.
  • Room and Furniture Limitations – list any rooms or furniture you pet isn’t allowed in or on
    Thermostat Instructions
  • TV/Remote Instructions
  • Spare Key Location
  • Visitors – list days and estimated time when there could be other visitors in or around the home such as a housecleaner, pool person or lawn care company – you don’t want to frighten your pet sitter or have them think your home has been broken into (when it actually hasn’t).

You will have a much more relaxing and enjoyable trip knowing your pet is well-cared for. And your pet sitter will have an easier time focusing on caring foryour pet if they are well prepped and provided the necessaryitems to get the job done.


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