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October is Adopt a Shelter Dog Month
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October is Adopt a Shelter Dog Month

by MetLife Pet Insurance
3 years ago

Tips and tricks to help your new family member adapt  

(Oct. 10, 2019,) Jeffersonville, IN –  Rescue organizations around the country will be redoubling their efforts this month to find loving homes for the 3.3 million dogs that end up in shelters every year. That means thousands of families will be adopting dogs this month and begin adjusting to life with a new pet. Experts say many will have a rocky transition.October is Adopt a Shelter Dog Month

“We find that the first weeks following an adoption can be challenging for new pet parents,” said Katie Blakeley, CEO of PetFirst Pet Insurance, who adopted her dog, Franklin, from a shelter in Louisville, KY.

“It’s a wonderful, happy experience for most families, but they need to be prepared for some potential setbacks, especially if the pet gets sick or injured soon after coming into the home,” Blakeley added. “We’re glad to be able to ease that transition.”

Tips and tricks for easing the adoption process:

  1. Do your research before adoption. Does the breed of dog you fell in love with at the shelter tend to be high energy? Is the cat a long-haired breed that requires more maintenance? Have you checked with a local vet to estimate costs for vaccinations and shopped around for pet supplies?
  2. Puppy (or kitten!) proof your home. Just like children, dogs and cats tend to get into things you wouldn’t expect. Leave your shoes out often? Make sure to tidy up to avoid a puppy mistaking a tennis shoe for a chew toy.
  3. Adding another dog or cat to a home with pets already? Bring your animal with you to the shelter. Allow them to interact. Ask shelter employees about the pet’s history and how he or she has gotten along with others.
  4. Be prepared and adaptable. Have new pets microchipped and make sure to keep a close eye on them for the first few weeks and months after adoption. Many animals spend a few weeks to a month adjusting.
  5. Consider pet insurance to ease the worries associated with vet bills. PetFirst offers policies for pets of all ages and has no upper age restrictions, providing coverage for accidents and illnesses, as well as expenses like exam fees and prescriptions.

“Even though most health problems that come up after a rescue are minor, a vet bill in the first few weeks can be concerning to many families,” said Blakeley. “Pet insurance for newly rescued animals can significantly increase the chances of a successful adoption.”

Early health needs can include treatment for:

  • Stress-related illness connected to re-homing
  • Injuries or sicknesses resulting from classic “new family” mistakes (For example, adoptive families may forget to close a gate or not realize that chocolate is dangerous for dogs.)
  • Respiratory infections or parasites related to coming from a communal kennel environment

To support families rescuing dogs and cats, PetFirst Pet Insurance offers coverage that caters to newly adopted pets. To learn more about coverage or get a quote, new adopters can visit Petfirst.com

Pet insurance is becoming more common as the medical costs for pets continue to rise. According to a recent New York Times story, the primary driver of rising expenses is that pet owners are more willing to seek higher levels of health care for pets, who are increasingly treated as one of the family. The cost of pet insurance varies by age and type of animal, but the average cost is around $30 a month.

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