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New Year’s Resolutions for Pet Parents

by PetFirst Pet Insurance
3 months ago

Promising to do something differently as you leave an old year behind is a tradition we commonly call, a New Year’s Resolution!

The goal is generally to improve one’s life or change an undesired behavior. Exercising more and eating healthy top the list, followed by saving money, quitting smoking or acquiring a new skill or positive habit.

Unfortunately, 25% of folks give up within thirty days of embarking on their goals, and according to a study done by the University of Scranton, only about 8% of people actually reach their personal finish line!

Pet parents, however, are a different breed, and the goals we set greatly impact our fur kids who depend completely upon our success. The key to success is discipline — sticking to a routine, being obedient and minding our manners, the very traits we instill in our pets! To best help them, it is important that we set achievable goals and practice persistence so that our dogs and cats can spend a longer, healthier lifetime by our sides.

As 2020 rolls around, we hope each of you will not only take this pledge but work hard at keeping it ever-present. One lapse does not ruin all the good you can do. We are only human and life happens, so if you misstep, apologize to your furry best friend, then get right back to it!

I promise to:

✔ Walk my dog and exercise him daily.

✔ Sometimes the best exercise for a cat is to have another cat to play with, so if my lifestyle permits, I will consider adopting a second feline to keep her company. If not, I will make sure she stretches, plays and has the time of her life with just me.

✔ Provide my dog or cat with a comfortable place to sleep in a warm, draft-free area.

✔ I will feed my pets the best diet my budget will allow, keep him or her well-groomed and provide them plenty of freshwater to drink. Although it may be hard, I will cut out table scraps (except for carrots, bananas, string beans, and other pet-friendly human foods) making sure I don’t confuse treating my pet with loving him.

✔ Get to know my pet from snout-to-tail by checking him weekly and paying attention to habits, so that I may discover a small problem early and get it looked at.

✔ Schedule a visit with our veterinarian at least once yearly and a wellness exam as he gets into his senior years. I will also check into pet insurance so that I will be able to provide all needed care.

✔ Brush my pet’s teeth (or at least wipe the teeth and gums) at least every other day to prevent bacteria from traveling through my pet’s bloodstream.

✔ Make sure my dog or cat has an up-to-date and registered microchip and other ID on him at all times and keep him safely in a fenced yard (with supervision) and walk him on a leash.

✔ Enroll my dog in an obedience class (or give him a refresher on my own) so that he will be a welcomed friend wherever we go together. I will also teach my cat to “stay” and “leave it” to keep her safe.

✔ Make my schedule work for the sake of my pet, even if I have to forego a fun time out. Regardless of how much time I must be away from home, I will make sure my pet is attended to and remains in a safe and temperate environment with a responsible human checking on him when I cannot.

✔ Learn Pet First-Aid & CPR because, in spite of my diligent attention, life happens, and I must be prepared to help my pet in the event of any emergency or sudden illness. I will keep a well-stocked Pet First-Aid Kit handy as well as a Disaster Preparedness Kit for my pet.

✔ To give my pet at least as much unconditional love as he or she gives me, and I promise to spend quality time together daily as that is the greatest joy of being a pet parent!

Stay Safe and Covered This Year

Here at PetFirst, we know accidents and illnesses happen to all pets – throughout the entire year. PetFirst is here for every canine and cat – year-round! Pet insurance can help cover unexpected vet visits.

Pet insurance provides peace of mind that if your pet gets sick or injured, you don’t have to worry about the financial aspect of your pet’s care.

Make sure your pet is covered with PetFirst Pet Insurance.



Denise Fleck is the Pet Safety Crusader™ having personally taught more than 20,000 humans to rescue Rover or help Fluffy feel better. Her mission is to help YOU make a difference in the life of an animal through Pet First-Aid, Senior Pet Care and Disaster Preparedness classes and books. Learn more at

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