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National Pit Bull Awareness Month

by PetFirst Pet Insurance
3 months ago

All October long is National Pit Bull Awareness Month. Many people have fear when it comes to Pit Bulls and being in their presence. This month allows organizations to share the joy and love that Pit Bulls can bring into your life.

Do you believe American Pit Bull Terriers are fierce, dangerous fighting dogs?  Are you afraid to walk by that house with the Pit Bull in the yard? If you have not yet learned that Pit Bulls are loving, goofy pets, National Pit Bull Awareness Month and Day (NPBAD) is for you.  

Maybe you already own one or more floppy-eared, smiling pitties.  If so, you know what loyal family pets they are and just how quickly a Pit Bull can steal your heart. National Pit Bull Awareness Month and Day is for you, too, and we hope you will share your positive experiences with those who have yet to know a Pit!   

What is National Pit Bull Awareness Day?  

Saturday, October 26, 2019, is National Pit Bull Awareness Day.  It is a day of appreciation and education designed to change perceptions and stereotypes about bully breed dogs, commonly lumped together under the umbrella term “pit bulls.”   

NPBAD was established to educate and foster positive communications and experiences in the communities in which our dogs and we live. It is a nationwide initiative to educate and restoring the image of the American Pit Bull Terrier (APBT).  

NPBAD was started in 2007 by Jodi Preis of Bless the Bullys, a Pit Bull rescue and education group in Tennessee. When Bless the Bullys introduced the idea of a nationwide Pit Bull awareness day, it met with an overwhelmingly positive response.  It was an opportunity to educate, change minds, and bring positive media attention to pit bulls across the country.  

Since its inception, people have been coming together on the last Saturday in October with the intent of changing the image of Pit Bulls.  The ultimate goal of this effort is to get the truth out about Pit Bulls and other bully breeds. Changing perceptions through education will ultimately lower the number of Pit Bull breeds that end up in shelters. 

How can you help?  

1. Volunteer with Pit Bulls

Pits and Pit mixes make up the overwhelming majority of the dogs in shelters.  Because they are social dogs who bond so closely with humans, the isolation of shelter life is tough on Pit Bulls.  Volunteer to help exercise, walk or socialize a shelter pittie this month.

2. Educate other people about Pit Bulls.

Once you know a Pit Bull, you can’t help but fall in love. You will start to notice that people throw around negative (and untrue) stereotypes about Pit Bull breeds all the time.  Have some factual information ready to share with others when you hear the next Pit Bull stereotype. You may be surprised at what you learn!  

For example:  

  • Pit Bulls are no more vicious than golden retrievers or beagles. 
  • Every year the American Temperament Testing Society (ATTS) tests more than 240 dog breeds.  Pit Bull-type dogs consistently achieve a passing score that is as good or better than other popular breeds.  
  • The American Pit Bull Terrier does not have anything unique about its jaw that would allow its jaws to lock. This is simply a myth that won’t go away.
  • A dog that is aggressive toward other dogs or small animals will NOT go after people next.  Aggression toward other animals and aggression toward humans are entirely different behaviors. 
  • Like any breed of dog, pit bulls can run the gamut from dog aggressive to exceptionally dog-friendly. 

3. Help adoptable Pitties find homes

Add an adoptable Pit Bull search widget to your website, blog, or email signature.  You can also search through the adoptable Pits and share them on your social media sites.


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