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National Kids and Pets Day: April 26th

by PetFirst Pet Insurance
12 months ago

April 26 has been labeled as National Kids and Pets Day. Children, like adults, also become incredibly attached to their dogs and cats (and other pets as well). 

National Kids and Pets Day is a day to celebrate this attachment. Celebrate the bond your child shares with his or her pet daily. This is also a day, and reminder, to teach your child how to properly interact with their pets on a regular basis.

Keep reading to learn a few ways to help teach your children how to care for their pets and how their pets can help support them as well.

Children Reading to their Pets

Research has suggested when our children read to their dog, they feel more comfortable and confident. There are quite a few children who struggle in this academic area; this tidbit could be life-changing. 

Research also suggests children’s heart rates dropped along with their cortisol levels (stress levels) when they were able to read next to their dog. When a dog was present in the room, children didn’t appear to struggle as much, and their motivation appeared to be higher.

Teaching Children Ground Rules

Even the gentlest dog or cat can become irritable if they are not treated respectfully. Of course, a child probably isn’t attempting to irritate or harm the dog or cat in any way but being aware is crucial to the safety of the child and the pet.

Learning Body Language

Dogs and cats both have their own forms of body language. As a parent and a pet lover, you should teach your child what body language means. Your child (and yourself) will be able to gain a sense of what your dog or cat is trying to tell you in an instant by observation.

Young children may hit, pull tails, etc. as well. That behavior should be stopped when observed. Although your dog may tolerate the behavior, it’s not a fair behavior to subject the dog or cat to and it can result in a child believing all dogs and cats tolerate that type of behavior (safety risk). 

Time to Celebrate

Now, to celebrate, cuddle up with your family and pets today and every chance you can get. Remember today and every day to teach your children something new about dogs and cats and how they should be treated and cared for. 

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