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Keep Spooky Season Scary For People, Not Pets

by PetFirst Pet Insurance
1 year ago

PetFirst helps pet owners keep dogs and cats safe with these easy tips

Keep spooky season scary for people, not pets

(October 10, 2019) Jeffersonville, IN – Don’t let Halloween be a frightful time for your pets. The fall and holiday seasons from October to December are filled with candy, decorations, and things that delight children but can harm your pet. Luckily, it’s not tricky to keep pets safe.

That’s why PetFirst Pet Insurance, the nation’s most recommended pet insurance for new pet families, urges people to take special precautions for pet health this Halloween.

“We all like to see our pets in a funny costume or wearing a themed outfit,” said Katie Blakeley, CEO of PetFirst in Jeffersonville, Indiana. “But the real concern is making sure precautions are taken around the holidays. Whether it’s getting into chocolate, darting out when a door is opened or just dealing with the stress of doorbells and visitors, Halloween can be more spooky than fun for our furry family members.”

PetFirst compiled a list of top tips and tricks to help keep pets safe this Halloween season:

  • Be sure to know where your pet is at all times. Don’t let them slip out when trick or treaters stop by.
  • Only dog and cat treats allowed. No chocolate for pets.
  • Noise reduction. If the doorbell drives your pet nuts, meet trick or treaters outside before they ring the bell.
  • Exercise earlier in the day. Unless you’re confident that your pet can handle lots of strangers in costumes in the dark, avoid the trauma of a Halloween night walk.
  • Stash holiday décor out of reach. Fake Halloween bones are not pet chew toys, but they look the same to pets.

“Decorations can be dangerous,” Blakeley said. “One year, we had a claim for nearly $4,000 after a dog ate some metallic wire in holiday decorations.  And getting into holiday candy can be dangerous for dogs.”

In many of these cases, education and awareness are the biggest preventative tools we have. A visiting child may not realize that it’s dangerous for a dog to eat chocolate, for example.

“We know that our pets are always first in the hearts of their families – but when we’re out of our usual routines, it’s easy to overlook some safety concerns,” Blakeley said. “Being aware of the danger is really the first and most important step.”

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