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Is Your Pet Sitter Right for Your Pet
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Is Your Pet Sitter Right for Your Pet?

by MetLife Pet Insurance
4 years ago

Our pets are a part of our family. Our dogs and our cats are a huge part of our day to day life. When we hire a pet sitter, we’re searching for someone who loves and cares for our pet as we do (of course, the love can’t compare but it can sure come close).

The point is we want our pets in good hands while we’re away. The qualities we are searching for generally include being caring, respectful, reliable, and trustworthy.

Most pet sitters are wonderful people that care deeply about your pets and want them to be in great hands while you’re away. Unfortunately, we have heard stories of pet sitters that haven’t been as dedicated to some pets as we’d like. We want to share some signs to be on the lookout for, should your pet stay with a sitter.

Sign 1: Weird Changes in Your Pet’s Behavior

Don’t over-stress about this. It’s natural for a pet, whether a cat or dog, to become stressed in unfamiliar situations.

When you should worry is when:

  • Your dog is generally well-behaved and happy near strangers but aggressive/fearful of the particular pet sitter
  • Your cat appears to be extremely uneasy for an extended period of time
  • Any new alarming behavior in your pet

Sign 2: Leftover Medication

If your dog takes medication, it is your sitter’s job to ensure the medication is provided properly.

If the pet sitter fails to provide your pet with his or her medication, this should be a big red flag to you. Your pet’s health and well-being should be your sitter’s number one priority.

Sign 3: Accidents in Your Home

If your pet is potty-trained, and has been for quite some time, it’s still somewhat normal for him or her to have an accident or two in the home when you’re first away due to separation anxiety.

When it becomes a problem, or a red flag, is when you arrive home to a mess. Are there feces throughout the home which have not been cleaned up?

If so, this could mean your pet sitter isn’t allowing your dog to use the bathroom as often as he or she should. Or, if you have a cat, the litterbox isn’t staying clean enough.

If there were accidents, and your pet sitter brings them to your attention, this is a sign of trust and communication, though. If your pet sitter is up front and honest with you, it could simply be your pet had severe separation anxiety during your vacation.

Sign 4: Respect for Property

If your pet sitter is staying in your home, and you return only to notice broken items, missing items, and/or a messy home, this is a red flag.

A responsible pet sitter will ensure your home is how you left it (if not better). He or she will also show respect for your property as it is not their home. Your home should be taken care of as if it were their own (or better than their own). 

Research, References and Remaining Calm

Again, we want to stress that most pet sitters are going to care for your furry family member with the upmost love. Choosing a sitter for your pet is a lot like choosing a sitter for a child. You want to do plenty of research and get references. We also suggest some shorter, trial runs with your future sitter to give your pet plenty of time to warm up.

It’s also possible that even with the best pet sitter, your pet may still experience some distress or something could go wrong, just as it could when they are with you. It’s important to try and remain calm if an issue does arise while you’re away.

Whether you’re home or away, caring for your pet yourself or relying on a sitter, we think peace of mind is something everyone can use. Accidents and illnesses do occur and with PetFirst, you can rest easy know that when they happen, you’re covered. Get a free pet health insurance quote, for your furry family member in less than two minutes.

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