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How to Keep Your Cat Safe This Halloween

by PetFirst Pet Insurance
3 years ago
Black cats are a classic symbol of Halloween, but this season can present hazards for your feline friend. From candy to noisy trick-or-treaters, there are plenty of factors that can threaten cat health and well being during Halloween festivities. But by following these simple tips, you can keep your cat healthy and calm throughout this entire spooky season.

Store your Halloween candy well

Felines are notorious for climbing wherever they can reach and investigating. But if they get into your bowl of candy, it can be a pet health emergency. Keep your candy in a cabinet, especially when you are not there to supervise. If your cat does ingest some candy, call cat health specialists as soon as possible.

Keep your cat inside during trick-or-treating

While kids running around in costume is a joyful part of this time of year, it can be terrifying for your furry friend. Keep your cat inside to prevent them from getting frightened or hiding away from the home. While barn cats might be the exception, most domestic cats are best left indoors.

Hang decorations out of reach 

Any dangling decorations or shiny lights can be enticing for your cat. They may paw them down or try and eat them. Either can be dangerous, so try to keep any decorations in places where your cat cannot reach them. 

Put them alone in a safe room during parties

If you are planning to host a Halloween party, be sure to establish a safe zone for your cat. Cats sleep about 16 hours per day, and noisy guests can really throw off their schedule. They may also get overwhelmed by a crowded home of strangers, since this is your cat’s territory. 

Be careful with candles 

The warm glow of candles provides seasonal comfort for your home, but it can also be a curious object for a cat or kitten. As an animal care best practice, do not light candles when you are not around to keep an eye on it. Your cat could get to close and burn themselves, and they might even knock it over. 

By knowing these basic Halloween safety tips, you can get through the season without incident. This time of year should be fun for you, so do what you can to retain your peace of mind and keep your furry friend safe.

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