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How Do I Get My Cat Down From Somewhere I Can’t Reach?

by PetFirst Pet Insurance
4 years ago

Cats often climb up high enough to where you are unable to reach them. Once they get up to their high place, they often have a difficult time getting back down to ground. Why wouldn’t they try to climb down? Cats do not often attempt to climb down on their own due to the risk of getting harmed. Once you see your cat in a high area, take a look around and see why she may have climbed that high. Based on the reason she climbed up to a high area, you may be able to persuade her to come back down on her own.

The main reason your cat may have climbed to a high point is to escape a predator. Most of the time, the ‘predator’ is your dog. Your dog may have been playing with her and she decided to climb to escape him. Walk around the area she is near and see if your dog is nearby,or if there is any other reason she may haveattempted to escape the lower ground. If you do see a dog, your dog or another dog, do not yell. Yelling at the dog will increase her urge to stay where she is or even climb higher.

On another point, there may not be any sensed danger, your cat may have just ‘felt like’ climbing. If she appears relaxed, she may have just wanted to be up high to relax for a bit. She may not have even considered climbing back down yet. Leave her alone where she is for a while and keep an eye on her. If she begins to whine or seems distressed, she is ready to get down. Sometimes, your cat will attempt to get down on her own.

If you are wondering why she is not getting down on her own, a cat’s claws are designed to help them up to a high place but not back down. So, when is it time to call the fire department?

If your cat is still a kitten, she is not yet strong enough to hold on for a long period of time on her own. Full-grown cats may also be at risk if they have been in the high area (most of the time it’s high in a tree) as they will be too weak to get down on their own. This is especially true in cold weather. If your cat is declawed, she is completely incapable of returning to the ground on her own.

Cat stuck up on a high tree branch

When to Call for Help?

Prior to calling a professional to get her down, if you are comfortable climbing a ladder, you can climb a ladder to your cat. Be sure to wear protective clothing as your cat is likely to claw and scratch in fear. Bring a pillowcase up with you to place your cat in to ensure his and your safety. It is much easier to hold on to the pillowcase than a scared, scratching cat by themselves.

If you are afraid of heights or not physically capable of climbing a ladder, please do not even attempt to climb to her. The fire department is not responsible for rescuing cats unless the animal is in a burning building; so if this is not the case, you should save their time for fires. A local tree service is often able to assist you. The tree service has professional tree climbers on site who may be able to help rescue your kitty. If your cat is on a utility pole, only an electrical company professional is permitted to climb up. Call your electricity provider and inform them of the situation if this is the case.

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