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Gift Giving? Give The Gift Of PetFirst Pet Insurance

by PetFirst Pet Insurance
4 years ago


You’ve made your gift list for the holidays.  Maybe you’ve even checked it twice.  Does your gift list include affordable pet insurance for your family’s dog or cat?

“Pet insurance is moreaffordable than most people think.  The average monthly premiumwith PetFirst is around $32 or less per month,” said Katie Grant, CEO of PetFirst.  “The insurance provides financial protection from future vet bills, allowing you to save money while protecting your pet all year long.”

Based on the monthly premium, the cost for a full year of coverage is less than $390.  Many of us will spend that and more on some of the top holiday gifts this year such as the new XboxOne, an Apple iPad Mini, or clothes and gift cards for those hard-to-please teenagers.

“Many pet parents just try to set money aside to pay for unforeseen vet expenses,” said Grant.  “Those savings can be spent very quickly with just one or two visits to the vet leaving the pet parent in a financial bind when other vet visits are required.”

Here are some of the most common accident and illness expenses pet parents are paying across the United States:

Condition Average amount claimed
Dermatitis (skin irritation) $96
Colitis (colon irritation) $124
UTI (urinary tract infection) $145
Lacerations $206
Ear infection $217
Gastritis (stomach irritation) $246
Arthritis $316
Pet cancer (removal and treatment) $1,089
Foreign body ingestion $11,000

So as you scurry to finish your holiday shopping, take a few minutes to secure a pet insurance plan that will ensure financial protection through timely reimbursement for veterinary services.  Customize a plan and get a quote when you visit

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