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Top 5 Shocking Health Stats Pet Owners Must Know

by Pet First Team
10 months ago

While there is no guarantee that any pet will live a healthy, disease-free existence, you should, at the very least, make yourself aware of the options pet insurance offers for protecting your pet and wallet.   

However, we know some pet parents are reluctant to spend the money for pet insurance and others don’t know why they need it.  After working with thousands of pet parents, we know we need to protect both your pet and your wallet. Read below to discover the top 5 pet health stats you need to know as a pet owner.

Expensive vet bills are a problem
Many people are shocked to learn that every 6 seconds a pet owner is faced with a vet bill of more than $1,000!  This is a big number and it can be mitigated with the right pet insurance.  Get money back for your veterinary expenses with a pet health insurance plan from PetFirst.

See how affordable PetFirst makes providing your pet with great veterinary care.

Pet health costs 3x as much as food each year
In the American Pet Products Association’s most recent National Pet Owners Survey they discovered pet owners were spending over 3x as much on routine and surgical vet visits than food!  While we can’t help reduce the cost of food, we know we can help you protect your pet from surprise bills. Pet insurance is a solution worth considering and our team of pet experts are here to help.

Emergency medical care for our pets happens too often
It’s hard to believe, but a pet receives emergency medical care every 2.5 seconds in the U.S. In fact, 1-in-3 pets need emergency veterinary treatment every year!  These statistics are a sad part of owning a pet and many times puts a load on pet parents’ budgets.

Clearly, unforeseen emergencies happen both to human and pet family members.  We can’t predict when or how it might happen to you, but there are insurance options to protect yourself from the financial surprises emergency care brings.  

Common pet health problems affect almost all pets
Emergency care isn’t the only surprise expense for your pet’s health.  According to Pet Life Today, both dogs and cats have a few top issues that rank highest (see full infographic here).  

Some of the the most common health problems for dogs are: skin allergies, ear infections, non-cancerous skin mass, skin infections and arthritis.

Some of the most common health problems for cats are: bladder/urinary tract disease, dental disease, chronic kidney disease, vomiting and excessive thyroid hormone.  

For all pets, many of these are hard to detect early, but pet insurance can alleviate the risk of what might be ahead.  Click here to get your own personalized quote.

Our pets ARE part of our family regardless of the economy
A 2011 study found 68% of dog owners said they would maintain spending on pet health regardless of any downturn in the economy.  It is worth pointing out that, in spite of the economic recession that hit in 2008, spending on pet health continued to increase. While non-pet parents may not understand this, we know the number would be even higher if every pet had the protection of PetFirst pet insurance.  

You shouldn’t have to take on the financial burden and stress having to make this decision.  To discuss the specifics of what a good plan for your pet family member would be, click here to get a quote or call us at 855-270-PETS (7387).

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