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Fighting The Fur

by PetFirst Pet Insurance
6 years ago

Meet Marley, my 6 year old St. Bernard.

Marley, a black, white, and brown Saint Bernard, panting as he looks up lovingly at the camera

Aside from doubling as a pony and an adorable loving member of the family, he moonlights as a fur distribution factory. This is especially true during the long, hot, muggy mid-west summers. Marley has been primarily an outdoor dog since he was a pup, unless the weather was at an extreme in which case he would come indoors, but with a recent move and added space I have brought him inside to spend more time with the family. Marley is a joy to have in the house, except for one thing…the fur. I sweep the hard wood three times a day, vacuum the rug nearly as often and yet I still find fur tumbleweeds blowing around the floor of my house (you can queue the quintessential Western duel music from ‘The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly’ here). I watch him walk around and can see the fur fly away from his body with each dramatic wag of the tail. It’s likehe repels his own fur! I like toenvision myself with a broom in a holster ready to be drawn to fight the unsightly fur menace that I can’t quite seem to eradicate.

We’ve tried two daily brushings (I think we brush out enough fur to clothe a Chinese Crested at each one), we’ve tried the Omega supplements, but they can get to be pretty expensive when you’re dosing them out for 160 pounds of dog, I’ve even tried just vacuuming the fur off of him with the extension handle of my vacuum. Marley enjoyed this, my vacuum did not. I’m at a loss on how to curb the fur.

Do any of you have suggestions that have helped you come out on top of the battle of the fluff? I’m looking for best practices, product recommendations, anything that you have found to help curb your pet’s shedding or make clean up easier. The summer is just starting, so we have several months of the fur fight to contend with and I would love an alternative to spending all of my days with the broom on standby.

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