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Dos And Don’ts Of Pet Health Emergencies

by PetFirst Pet Insurance
4 years ago


When your pet seems to be having a health emergency, it can be frightening. Since your pet is a valued part of the family, you should treat their emergency care as such. While the first step you should take in this situation is to get your pet to the closest animal hospital, be sure to follow these simple pet care rules as well. 

DO take early symptoms seriously.

Pet health differs from human health in that they might not show their symptoms quite as externally as we do. This means that even in health emergencies, it can be easy to shrug off concerning behaviors. Avoid doing so. If a symptom seems worrisome, it just might be. 

DON’T medicate your pet at home.

You might think you know how to take care of your pet better than anyone, but this does not mean that you should give your pet pills meant for humans. A vet should handle their health, as home treatment can make them sick. If your vet prescribes a medication, you can use pet insurance to obtain it. Administer the medication exactly as instructed.

DON’T stay at home and search symptoms online.

Searching your pet’s concerning symptoms online could have you potentially wasting precious time. Every second counts during a health emergency, so get your animal in the car and on their way to care instead. This way, a professional can take note of their symptoms and provide an accurate diagnosis.

DO report all symptoms and behaviors to the vet.

Take note of everything your dog or cat is doing and make a list if necessary. Your vet will need to knowas many details as possible, and sinceyour pet can’t talk, you will have to do the describing. 

DO schedule a follow-up with your primary vet.

After your pet receives emergency care, call your vet and report what happened. They will likely want you to come into the office for a follow-up appointment. The U.S. spends $13.59 billion on vet care annually, and much of this is on preventative vet care rather than emergency vet services. Talk with your pet health professional about how you can prevent an emergency like this in the future. 

By reacting well in the event of a pet health emergency and having the right pet insurance plan, you can have the tools to provide the best healthcare for pets. If you have any questions about how to provide the right health care for your animal, be sure to talk with your vet.

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