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Dog rescued from Noyac Bay makes news headlines

by MetLife Pet Insurance
9 years ago

During the recent freezing temperatures and snow storms, Morgan, an eight-year-old mixed breed dog, found himself in a situation which required fire and rescue workers to save his life.

Rescued dog Morgan laying on a couch asleep next to another dog

During a weekend trip from New York to Long Island, a trip they make most every weekend, Morgan and his fur-brother Charlie ventured away from their pet parents as they arrived at their weekend home.  Fred Rogers and Ed Bernaski, didn’t panic since Morgan and Charlie are known to roam the property then quickly return home.  But this time they didn’t.

The family searched for a few hours and eventually found Charlie, but Morgan was nowhere in sight.

Seven hours into the search thefrantic family received a phone call, and Morgan had been found.

Morgan had been rescued from Noyac Bay, a body of water three miles from the family’s home.  The bay, which had been frozen over during the recent freezing weather, had begun to thaw.

A couple walking along the beach heard Morgan’s faint cries for help.  The couple called 911 and the Sag Harbor Fire Department was called to the scene.  Firefighters took a boat about 60 yards out to rescue Morgan who was near death.

Once out of the water, he was rushed to the veterinary hospital where he was diagnosed with hypothermia received a plasma transfusion.  The veterinary specialist gradually increased his core body temperature back to normal overnight.

From what the family can estimate, Morgan was in the freezing water for 45 minutes before being discovered by the passing couple.  Once on the scene, it took firefighters about 15 minutes to reach Morgan and pull him to safety.

Morgan was identified through his microchip.

The total cost for Morgan’s care was more than $2,800.  With the insurance plan that covers Morgan, his pet parents were reimbursed for $2,500 of his care.

Morgan’s pet parents have been PetFirst policyholders since 2009 and find the policy they have is a great plan for them.

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