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Do You Smell “Frito Feet”?

by PetFirst Pet Insurance
9 months ago

You might have seen the term “frito feet” or “corn chip smell” floating around the internet and we are here to explain what this really means for you and your pup.

The term is in reference to the odor released by your dog’s paws. The corn chips you smell is actually the smell of yeast bacteria known as Proteus or Pseudomonas.

The good news is that this smell is common and you can attempt to alleviate its occurrence with regular bathing and grooming of the paws. Not only do dogs sweat through the foot pads, which contributes the growth of yeast, walking in moist environments can also increase the growth of bacteria. Make sure to wash your pet’s paws at any sign of smell or paw scratching. View recommended bathing soaps for your pet here. Regular trimming of the hair near the paw pads can reduce the build up of bacteria as well.

It’s always important to seek consultation from your veterinarian if this odor is persistent or if other symptoms are present, these could be signs of a more severe yeast infection and additional treatment could be necessary. Your veterinarian can also diagnose a yeast infection as well.

Health care for animals can be very costly, but with pet insurance from PetFirst, the costs associated with bacterial infections can be covered. Get a quote today! 

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