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Common Pet Allergy Symptoms

by PetFirst Pet Insurance
4 years ago

Just how concerned should you be about your pets having allergies? Allergies are actually quite common in all dog breeds and backgrounds. Cats too! Allergies will appear usually while a pet is still very young, averaging around one or two years of age.

Similar to humans, your cat or dog could suffer from seasonal allergies due to excessive pollen, high mold count, and sudden weather changes. Symptoms in your pets can include; skin irritation or inflammation, excessive scratching (which can lead to hair loss and bleeding), hot spots, or even infection. In 2017, PetFirst paid just under a quarter million dollars in allergy-related claims. Speak to your vet if you see any of the symptoms listed above.

Another conversation you may need to have with your vet involves food allergies. Yes, even your pet can be allergic to food! The most common food allergies are very similar to human food allergies including dairy products, wheat or gluten, beef, soy, and chicken*. In 2017, PetFirst customers experienced over $6,000 in vet bills for food allergies, IBO and atopy. Food allergic reactions are very similar to seasonal allergy symptoms, so make sure to keep a close eye on your pets if you introduce a new pet food, treat or snack.

No matter the source of the allergy, if your cat or dog is displaying any of the symptoms described above, speak to your vet or set up an appointment for your pet to get checked.

*Top Food Allergies taken from VCA Hospital statistics published in 2016

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