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Celebrate Change a Companion Animal’s Life Day the Right Way

by MetLife Pet Insurance
4 years ago

A few years ago, some animal welfare organizations came together and established “Change a Companion Animal’s Life Day,” and we couldn’t be happier about it.

Today, January 24th, is that day! It’s a chance for you to change a pet’s life for the better or maybe even save a life.

No matter what your situation is, there’s a way for you to celebrate this holiday. We came up with five ways to celebrate this day the right way.

Keep reading to find out how!

1. Adopt

One of the best ways you can change a companion animal’s life is to adopt one from a local shelter or rescue. The best part about this is that in most cases, you’re literally saving an animal’s life!

When considering where to adopt from, some well-meaning people encourage others to avoid high-kill shelters because they believe by adopting from them, they’re promoting the euthanasia of healthy animals.

However, that couldn’t be further from the truth! The vast majority of high-kill shelters have an open-door policy. Legally, they have to take in every animal that’s brought to them, so they quickly run out of room which is what forces them to euthanize health animals.

So, when you adopt, find a shelter in your area that has an open-door policy. You’ll be saving a life, and helping them make room for another animal, giving them a chance at life, too!

2. Foster

Some people aren’t ready to take on the responsibility of owning another animal. In that case, you may consider fostering. By fostering, you agree to take care of an animal until they find their forever home.

This is another great way to save an animal’s life because it allows shelters and rescue groups to take on more animals than they otherwise could. It also greatly increases the chances that the animal you’re fostering will get adopted since you can work with them on behavior issues.

Fostering can be difficult because you have to say goodbye to an animal after having them for a time, but it’s worth it knowing they’re going into a loving forever home and you’re making room in your home for another foster animal.

3. Volunteer

If you’re already maxed out on the number of animals you can have in your home, no worries! There are still plenty of things you can do to help companion animals get adopted. One way is by volunteering either at your local shelter or with an animal rescue.

Call up a few shelters in your area and ask about volunteer opportunities. They may need someone to come walk the dogs or help clean out cat cages. Whatever you do for them is a huge help to them and can make a difference in an animal’s life.

Another way you can volunteer is at adoption events. All you have to do is show up and show off available animals to people. Be prepared to familiarize yourself with the animals as much as possible beforehand to highlight their personalities to potential adopters.

4. Donate

Shelters and rescue groups are always in need of donations, whether it’s food, blankets, litter boxes, or other things you may not even think about like cleaning supplies and baby bottles.

Consider hosting a drive for a shelter in your area. Find out what they need, then ask everyone you know to donate that item. Once you’ve gathered a few of them, drop them off at the shelter. This won’t take much of your time, but you can still make a difference for a shelter animal.

5. Share

The last thing on our list of things you can do to celebrate Change a Companion Animal’s Life Day takes no money and just a few minutes of your time. Share news about adoption events, volunteer opportunities, and pets that need to be adopted with everyone you know.

You never know what one share is going to do for a pet. Perhaps one of your Facebook friends will see a post you shared and fall in love with that animal on the spot. Those couple of minutes you took to share a post saved that animal’s life.

Commit to Your Own Pets

No matter what else you do from our list of five ways to celebrate Change a Companion Animal’s Day, you should use this as an opportunity to renew your commitment to caring for your own pets.

Here are a few ways you can commit to making life better for your own pets:

  • Exercise with them
  • Spend more time grooming them
  • Buy them high-quality food
  • Take them to the veterinarian for regular check-ups

Don’t forget to sign up for pet insurance to make sure you’re covered when your pet needs any attention from the veterinarian. Having insurance helps you cover regular visits and emergencies so your pet will always be taken care of.

Now, pick one or two things from this list to do, kiss your pet, and have a happy Change a Companion Animal’s Life Day!

Guest Blogger: Melody Cary

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