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Animal Shelter Hurricane Update

by PetFirst Pet Insurance
3 years ago

Dog-in-Shelter.jpgHurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma are two recent natural disasters that have affected us in many ways. Across the affected areas and beyond, many animals have been separated from their forever home and/or transferred to another shelter to provide the best protection. Many of our customers have reached out to us to see how they can help – thank you for caring about these animals! 

As you know, a pet’s health, safety and protection is our top priority. There are many ways that we can help these hurricane refugee cats and dogs.

What can I do to help? Here are a few ways:  

Donate Food and Treats 
The more dogs and cats the more food and treats these shelters will need. It’s simple to pick up an extra bag of goodies at the pet store. Many of us are already there for our own fur babies, think about all the fur babies in need. 

Volunteer Your Time  
This is an overwhelming time for all these shelters. Taking a few hours to help would be a wonderful way to serve these animals. It’s important that these animals know they are loved. 

Amazon Wish Lists
Animal shelters typically have Amazon wish lists. It can be anything from pee pads to blankets and crates. It’s easy to make these purchases. Just search a shelter near you in the registry section on Amazon. 

The cats and dogs from the hurricanes are left without homes. Animal shelters have reached capacity. If you have been thinking about adding to your family, now is the time.   

Many of our shelter partners have taken in hurricane refugee cats and dogs. These pets are up for adoption and need our help. Below is a list of our partners with links to their website to view adoptable pets: 

  • Kentucky Humane Society –
  • Atlanta Humane Society – 
  • Michigan Humane Society – 
  • Missouri Humane Society – 
  • Lexington Humane Society – 
  • Homeward Trails Animal Rescue – in pets from Puerto Rico) 

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