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9 Fun Things to do with Your Dog This Time of Year 
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9 Fun Things to do with Your Dog This Fall

by MetLife Pet Insurance
3 years ago

Everything is more fun when done with your best friend, and there is no truer best friend than a canine companion. As the days are getting shorter and the nights are getting cooler, that does not mean the fun has to come to an end. In fact, fall fun is just beginning. Here are a few ideas to help you get creative when it comes to enjoying autumn with your pooch.  

  1. Take an agility or obedience training class9 Fun Things to do with Your Dog This Time of Year 

Agility or obedience classes are not only fun ways for you and your pooch to bond, but they are great ways to help an energetic dog focus. They channel your dog’s energy in a positive direction while giving you both a goal to work toward.  

Imagine a proud picture of your best friend with a completion certificate in paw!  

  1. Jump in a pile of leaves9 Fun Things to do with Your Dog This Time of Year 

Remember how much fun this was to do as a kid?  Why not do it now? Autumn is the season to enjoy all the colors and smells of the changing seasons. It shouldn’t take too much encouragement to get your pup romping around the leaf piles with you.   

Just make sure and do a thorough check for ticks afterward!  

  1. Go apple-picking9 Fun Things to do with Your Dog This Time of Year 

Nothing says fall like a trip to an apple orchard.  From mid-September through late October, all different types of apples are ripe and ready to be picked. Some orchards allow dogs and others allow them to wait in one area while their people pick the apples, so call your local orchard ahead of time to find out their policy. 

Your pooch can certainly enjoy eating apple slices with you. Just remember to remove the core and the seeds so they don’t become choking hazards.  

  1. Take a hike! (a nature hike, that is)9 Fun Things to do with Your Dog This Time of Year 

Autumn is the perfect time to put on some warmer clothes, hit the trails, and enjoy all the colors nature has to offer. While many people think that dogs are colorblind, that is actually a myth. Dogs can see colors, though they cannot see as many colors as humans. That wouldn’t impact your dog’s ability to enjoy the sights, sounds, and smells of a nature hike with you.  

Make sure your dog is protected against fleas and ticks before you head out, and always check for ticks after he has been outdoors.  

  1. Go pumpkin picking 9 Fun Things to do with Your Dog This Time of Year 

It’s an autumn tradition you and your pup can’t pass up. Who better to help you pick out the perfect pumpkin than your best fur-friend? However, just like with the apple orchards, call ahead and find out the pumpkin patch’s rules regarding dogs.  

Once you return home and make pumpkin pie, try adding some pureed pumpkin to your dog’s food.  Chances are he will love it, and the added fiber is good for digestion.  

  1. Find a dog-friendly Halloween parade9 Fun Things to do with Your Dog This Time of Year 

Many towns and cities have “dog-friendly” Halloween parades or fun-runs where people and their pups are encouraged to come in costume. This is a perfect family activity or perfect for any dog owner and dog. It’s also the perfect chance to show off that super cool costume and maybe even win a prize!  

  1. Take pictures or videos9 Fun Things to do with Your Dog This Time of Year 

There is nothing like the pure, innocent joy of a dog running around the yard, loving every minute of the cool breeze on his face as he chases his favorite toy or tries to catch the blowing leaves. Why not practice your photography skills? Try to capture the warm feeling that the scene brings to your heart in a picture or video. With practice, you will become a top-notch photographer and your dog may become an Instagram hit! 

  1. Take your dog shopping9 Fun Things to do with Your Dog This Time of Year 

Everybody likes to get new things every now and then, and dogs are no exception. Why not take your dog on a dog toy shopping spree? Ditch all the toys that are worn, dirty, beat-up, or have been left out in the yard too long.  Then take a ride to your local pet supply store and let your best friend pick out some new toys.  

  1. Chill out indoors9 Fun Things to do with Your Dog This Time of Year 

If you have a less energetic dog or you’d rather just chill out indoors, you and your fur-friend can try making homemade doggie treats. Then you can cuddle on the couch, read a book, binge-watch your favorite Netflix series or even take a nice nap!  

Have Fun and Stay Covered This Fall

So, it’s time to get creative and enjoy all the pawsome activities fall has to offer.  You and your canine companion might even come up with some traditions of your own.  

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