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7 Pet Travel Safety Tips
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7 Pet Travel Safety Tips

by PetFirst Pet Insurance
2 years ago

Memorial Day weekend kicks off the “official” start to summer and for many families that means packing up your furry friends and hitting the road for a much-needed getaway. 

If you travel with your cats and dogs you should have a list of go-to tips at hand to help address any potential issues that may arise while you’re on the road. Even seasoned travelers sometimes look back at their itinerary and the checklist they have for car travel with their pets.  

Here are seven pet travel safety tips:

  1. Car Security

When you’re traveling with your cats and dogs in the car, make certain they are safely strapped in. Some pet parents use seatbelts and harnesses specifically designed for cats and dogs.

Other pet parents put their pets into their crates and secure them into the seats. Make sure if you’re using a crate that it is properly ventilated so your dog or cat doesn’t overheat.

Keep your pets out of direct sunlight by investing in sun shades to keep the sun from coming in through the car windows. 

2. Pack Your Pets Favorite Items

If your pet has a bed or toy or blanket he loves, bring it along. The favorite item may make the car ride more enjoyable for him – and for you! Also, having your pet’s favorite items will help ease any separation anxiety or stress of being in a different location. 

3. Never Leave Your Pet Alone in a Vehicle

When you’re taking a car trip, you need to plan for the stops you have to make along the way. If you’re traveling with someone it’s easy enough to stop and take a bathroom break while the other stays in the car with your pet.

If you are traveling alone you need to find rest stops that will accommodate your pets when you go in. Pet should never be left in a car as a car can quickly heat up to dangerous – even fatal levels.

4. Vet Visit

If your pet is due to go for his or her annual veterinarian visit, try to schedule it before you leave for your vacation. Ask your vet for a print out of your pet’s medical records and his or her most recent vaccination records.

If there is a medical emergency while you’re on vacation you need to make certain you have the most up-to-date medical records to take to the emergency vet. Don’t forget to bring your pets health insurance policy information with you as well.

5. Stay on Schedule

Even if your pets love a car trip, they also love their routine. Stick to the same feeding and calls-of-nature schedule to which they are accustomed. Bring food and water from home and stop when necessary to allow your pets to eat, stretch their legs and relieve themselves.  

6. Microchip and Tags

Both cats and dogs should be microchipped or wear a collar with your contact information on their tags or both. If your pet gets loose in a strange location, you want to do everything you can to assure you’re reunited and a microchip and collar with tags will help assure that happens. 

7. Pet First Aid Kit

Whenever you travel you should have a pet first aid kit to accommodate the number of pets in the vehicle. Equip the first aid kit with bandages, tweezers, scissors, antibiotic ointments, any medications your pet takes regularly. 


You should also take a photo of you with your pet on your trip. If you have a pet who gets groomed, get photos of them pre-groom and post-groom; these photos will help with being reunited with your pet if they get lost on your road trip.

Accidents and illnesses do happen, even if you follow all the tips on this list, you never know what could happen to your furry friend.

Pet insurance provides peace of mind that if your pet gets sick or injured you don’t have to think twice about the financial aspect and you can just focus on your pet’s care.

The team at PetFirst Pet Insurance loves helping pet parents have the ability to give their pets the best care possible. As a pet parent, you can find the best coverage for your furry friend with PetFirst and our various options that can fit your families needs.You can get a quote today

Have a safe and fun road trip with your pets and be sure you take lots of photos of your adventures!  


Robbi Hess is a full-time pet blogger and multi-published author. She shares her life with a diva Poodle, a goofy Goldendoodle, two Devon Rex, a senior ginger kitty and three reptiles! 

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