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6 Ways Dogs Enrich Our Lives
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6 Ways Dogs Enrich Our Lives

by PetFirst Pet Insurance
1 year ago

Dogs are loyal, devoted companions who both challenge us and delight us daily.  In honor of National Dog Week this year, we wanted to take some time to appreciate all of the wonderful things dogs bring to our lives. 

Of course, dog ownership has its struggles: potty training, excessive chewing, and puppy nips will undoubtedly test your patience, but surely we can agree that it’s all worth it in the end! Let’s take a closer look at some of the amazing ways that dogs leave pawprints on our hearts.

They Make Us Laugh

There’s no room for the blues when you have a playful pup at home! Dogs always seem to find ways to make us giggle, no matter how heavy our mood may be. Whether they’re making silly noises, sprawled out in a comical position, or just acting goofy in general, dogs are experts at turning our frowns upside down!

They Hold Us Accountable

You may have noticed that your dog has an incredibly accurate internal clock. They are creatures who thrive on a routine, which means we need to abide by that routine too. It doesn’t matter how busy we get, Fido helps remind us when it’s time for dinner, walks, potty breaks, or snuggles. Whatever else we do with our daily needs to work around our pups’ needs. Sure, sometimes it’s a challenge when we have to race from the office back to home in time for our dog’s potty break. Other times it’s a blessing when we can slip out of a social obligation because our pup needs us! 

They Offer Us Unconditional Love

Dogs are loyal and devoted companions. One of the most beautiful aspects of owning a dog is that they shower us with unconditional love. It doesn’t matter how tough your day was, or how stressed we are, coming home to a warm, wiggly pup with smiling eyes will always bring us joy! 

They Help Us Appreciate the Little Things

Sometimes it’s easy to become jaded by the tedium of everyday life. There are times when our routines may become monotonous and we feel that time is literally just ticking by. But just as our existential crisis mounts, we’ll notice our dog chasing his shadow, befriending a beetle, or turning a piece of fluff into a fascinating toy. Then suddenly we’re back on earth and loving these simple little moments. 

They Relieve Our Stress

Our lives are busy and demanding, and it’s so easy to let all of our responsibilities weigh on us. Are we doing our best at work? Do our families need more from us? Our dogs help bring us back down the earth. Those puppy dog eyes remind us that we are loved and help cheer us up when we’re feeling low. Their unwavering affection enables us to set our worries aside, even if just for a moment. 

The Keep Us Moving

Exercise is important for us and our pups. It helps us stay fit, improves our moods, and allows us to clear our minds. Of course, that doesn’t always mean we’re in the mood for it. Fortunately, our dogs don’t let us skip walk time! And, even though we may not be keen on it in the beginning, we never regret spending time outside with our fluffy pals! 

There’s no question that dogs bring incredible joy to our lives. When was the last time you took a moment to think through everything your dog offers you? Don’t forget to give your pup a good snuggle today and thank him for being such a faithful pal! 

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