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6 of the Healthiest Cat Breeds

by PetFirst Pet Insurance
11 months ago

February is National Cat Health Month, and in honor of this national holiday, we’re spotlighting a few of the healthiest cat breeds. Whether you’re trying to figure out a healthy breed of cat to adopt or you just want to see how your pet stacks up, there’s something in this list for you. Read on to discover six of the healthiest cat breeds out there.

Ragamuffin Ragamuffin

The Ragamuffin is very similar to the Ragdoll cat. Ragamuffins are known for being very fluffy and very sweet — they’re social and love spending time with people! What’s more, they’re also fairly healthy overall. Ragamuffins typically live for about 13 years. Although they can be prone to heart disease or kidney disease (due do a genetic mutation), Ragamuffins are generally healthy, happy cats.

Russian Blue Russian Blue

No breed of cat is 100 percent exempt from developing health issues, but with Russian Blues, there’s a lower chance of dangerous diseases because this breed doesn’t carry any common genetic disorders. Bladder stones are the only condition that’s somewhat common in Russian Blues. Russian Blues are beautiful cats with a life expectancy of over 13 years.

Savannah Savannah

Savannah cats are descended from African Servals, and they’re a fairly new breed — made official in 2012, Savannahs have a distinctive gold coat and pointed ears. They’re also largely healthy and not prone to any major diseases. This breed is still fairly new, however, and researchers are learning more about this hybrid between the Serval and the domestic house cat.

Bombay Bombay

The Bombay cat is a muscular cat that almost looks like a black panther and has a lot of energy and strength. Bombays are prone to hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, but so are many other breeds of cat; this is the most common form of heart disease in cats. Beyond HCM, Bombays are generally healthy. Just make sure to control your cat’s diet and weight, because Bombays love to eat!

American Shorthair American Shorthair

The American Shorthair is a popular breed of cat that makes a great family pet. Smart and loving, American Shorthairs also tend to be very healthy. They’re prone to hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, but again, many cats are — and beyond that type of heart disease, your American Shorthair will most likely be a pretty healthy cat.

British Shorthair

Just like their American counterparts, this cat breed from across the pond is a fairly healthy type of animal. If you have a British Shorthair, keep an eye out for hemophilia B, which can easily be seen with a DNA test. British Shorthair

Additionally, as with any cat breed, make sure to schedule yearly vet exams and keep an eye on your cat’s weight. This is the best way to make sure your healthy British Shorthair will stay that way!

No matter what breed of cat you have and how healthy they might be, unexpected illnesses and injuries will most likely still pop up at some point in your cat’s life.

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