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6 Key Aspects of Responsible Pet Ownership 
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6 Key Aspects of Responsible Pet Ownership 

by PetFirst Pet Insurance
7 months ago

We love our pets like family because, well, they are family. They hold a special place in our hearts and homes, making it our responsibility to provide them with the care that they need to lead happy and healthy lives.  

But what exactly does it take to be a responsible pet owner? Keep reading to find out!  


Responsible pet ownership is a commitment to a pet’s care and well-being throughout their life. 

Thanks to advances in veterinary care, many pets can live well into their golden yearsThis commitment involves not only a willingness to take on the financial responsibility of pet ownership (e.g., food, veterinary care)but also a willingness to adjust your lifestyle, daily routine, and home to accommodate your pet. 


A well-trained pet makes life easier for everyone. Training includes socializationobedience training, house training, and leash training.  

If that sounds like a lot to you, you’re right. Training a pet requires plenty of time, patience, and dedication. In the end, though, you’ll have a well-behaved pet that understands what it means to be your loving and loyal companion.  

Health and Veterinary Care 

Your pet depends on you to keep them healthy. Find a veterinarian with whom you feel comfortable and work with them closely to stay on top of your pet’s care. 

 Here’s a list of some basic veterinary care needs for your pet: 

  • Annual wellness visits 
  • Flea & tick control 
  • Heartworm prevention 
  • Vaccinations 
  • Spay/neuter  

Veterinary care can get expensive. But cutting corners to save money can negatively affect your pet’s health and lead to costly veterinary bills in the future. PetFirst Pet Insurance1 can make veterinary care more affordable.  

In addition to veterinary care, a proper diet and regular exercise are necessary to keep your pet healthy. Your veterinarian can help you select the best diet for your pet and give you tips on how to keep your pet active, such as taking daily walks and having regular playtime.  

Following Local Ordinances 

Local ordinances for pets are in place to keep pets and people safe. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, examples of these ordinances can include registering your pet, maintaining a current rabies vaccination, cleaning up your dogs waste, and keeping dogs on leashes in public spaces6.  

Speak with your veterinarian if you are unsure about the animal ordinances where you live.  


A bored pet can lead to an unhappy pet, and an unhappy pet can wreak havoc in your home. Physical and mental enrichment keeps your pet happily occupied and boosts their overall health. 

Enrichment can be tailored according to your pet’s health and personality7. For example, a vigorous game of fetch is great for active, high-energy dogs. A food puzzle toy is perfect for pets who spend a lot of time alone and may experience separation anxiety.  

Safe environment 

When your pet feels safe in their environment, they can relax and be a good companion to you. 

A safe environment should include:

  • Comfortable bedding
  • Space for privacy
  • Protection from harsh weather 

The decision to become a pet parent is not to be taken lightly. But, when done well, responsible pet ownership reaps dividends for the pet and pet parent.  

Here at PetFirst1, we know accidents and illnesses happen to all pets. PetFirst Pet Insurance1 can help cover unexpected vet visits2 and can provide peace of mind. PetFirst Pet Insurance1 has cat and dog insurance policies2 to fit every budget. 

Consider getting pet insurance for your furry friend today. 


1PetFirst Healthcare, LLC (“PetFirst Pet Insurance” or “PetFirst”) is the program administrator authorized to offer and administer pet health insurance policies underwritten by Independence American Insurance Company, a Delaware insurance company, with its main office at 485 Madison Avenue, NY, NY 10022, or New Hampshire Insurance Company or The Insurance Company of the State of Pennsylvania, each with its main administrative office at 500 West Madison Street, Suite 3000 Chicago, IL 60661. For costs, complete details of coverage, and a listing of approved states, please contact PetFirst Healthcare, LLC.  

2Like most insurance policies, insurance policies offered by PetFirst Healthcare, LLC contain certain exclusions, exceptions, reductions, limitations, and terms for keeping them in force.  

6Responsible pet ownership

7What it means to be a responsible pet owner

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