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5 Ways Your Cats Can Safely Enjoy The Outdoors
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5 Ways Your Cats Can Safely Enjoy The Outdoors

by PetFirst Pet Insurance
2 years ago

Do you have an indoor cat who looks longingly outside the front door when you’re sitting on the front porch enjoying the cool breezes of a summer day? Do your cats chase bugs around that have gotten into the house? Do they put their paws up on the screen door and watch as you play with the dog in the front yard?

If you answered “yes” to any of those questions or if you’ve ever wondered if your indoor cats would enjoy the outdoors, here are some safety tips to follow so that your cats can enjoy the outdoors! 

My cats love the outdoors, even though they are indoor cats. They seem to love the feel of the grass beneath their paws, the warmth of the driveway beneath their bellies, and chasing butterflies and blades of blowing grass.

I have worked out ways in which they can safely be outside and I want to share these tips with you: 

  • Keep them restrained: Many cats love to be outdoors to explore and satiate their curiosity. If you have a cat or kitten and know you want to take them outside, start by doing so when you think the time is right. If your kitten is young, put a harness on so that your kitten gets used to being retrained from an early age.

There are many manufacturers of cat-friendly harnesses that you can use for your kitty. Put the harness by her food, then put her harness by her bed or wherever she sleeps, put her harness on her cat tree – this will help her get accustomed to seeing it. Put it on and let her walk around with it.

Once she’s comfortable with that, put the leash on and let her get used to the weight of it. Be aware that cats are overly dramatic when in a harness or on a leash and they may flop onto the ground and act as if the harness is just too heavy – it’s funny, but it’s part of the process.

Once your cat is accustomed to the harness and leash, you can walk them around your yard or simply let them sit outside with you. 

  • Invest in a wire crate: Some cats simply won’t ever wear a harness, but this doesn’t mean they can’t go outside. Invest in a wire dog crate and find a partially shaded area in the yard and place the crate on the grass. Your cats will get the benefit of being outside and feeling the earth beneath their paws without having to be on a harness. 
  • Build a catio: Yes, we know this is a major undertaking, but if you have the time, and skills, a catio could be on your home project to-do list. A catio allows your cat to be indoors and outdoors in a safe manner without your having to harness them or put them in a crate outside. 
  • Invest in fencing: If you have a fenced in yard, that’s great, but remember cats will scale the fence. Invest in curved wire fencing for the top of the fence to prevent their escape. You can also invest in roller bars for the top of your fence to keep them from escaping. 

Keep your cat’s vaccinations up-to-date: It’s a fact that indoor cats live longer and that’s mainly because they aren’t exposed to predators, nor will they be hit by a car.

Outdoor dangers like Lyme disease or rabies increases if your cat goes outdoors. Make certain your cat is up-to-date on vaccinations. Ask your veterinarian how to check for ticks and remember that ticks can be found in many yards, you don’t have to be in the woods to be exposed. 

Enjoy Time Outside With Your Cat

If you plan to take your cats outdoors this summer, do it safely and never leave them unattended and keep them in an area that is sunny and shaded.  

Accidents and illnesses do happen, even if you follow all the tips on this list, you never know what could happen to your furry friend.

Pet insurance provides peace of mind that if your pet gets sick or injured you don’t have to think twice about the financial aspect and you can just focus on your pet’s care.

The team at PetFirst Pet Insurance loves helping pet parents have the ability to give their pets the best care possible. As a pet parent, you can find the best coverage for your furry friend with PetFirst and our various options that can fit your families needs. You can get a quote today

Robbi Hess is a  full-time pet blogger and multi-published author. She shares her life with a diva Poodle, a goofy Goldendoodle, two Devon Rex, a senior ginger kitty, and three reptiles! 

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