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5 Things Your Cat is Trying to Tell You

by PetFirst Pet Insurance
3 years ago

Ah, cats. They’re notoriously aloof, unapologetically indifferent, and overall quite perplexing creatures. Although we develop strong bonds with our pets, the language barrier (or lack thereof) prevents them from telling us the handy tips that may help us crack the mystery of cats. Read on for a few things your cat may tell you if he could.

Black and white cat sitting against a light blue background and looking upwards

Pet Me – It’s Healthy

According to people who get paid to do this kind of research, which must be one of the best jobs in the world, petting your cat at the end of a stressful day can help lower your blood pressure. We think that means every workplace should come equipped with cat-petting rooms. Imagine the increase in productivity!

It’s Probably Not My Fault if I Pee Outside my Box

When cats urinate outside of their litter box, it means something is wrong. Cats are, by nature, fastidiously cleananimals. If your cat goes outside ofthe box, she may be protesting because her litter box is too dirty (we mentioned “indifferent” and “fastidious,” right?) or it may mean she has a urinary tract infection. If your cat seems distressed and agitated, and the litter box is clean, call your vet immediately for guidance or to set an appointment.

Play With Me or I’ll Destroy Everything You Love

Just like puppies, kids, and other small versions of living things, cats need physical and mental stimulation. Bored cats will find ways to entertain themselves, and that may mean shredding your new leather sofa or devouring your favorite houseplants. Provide your cat plenty of areas to climb and jump and keep toys available for them even when you’re away.

You Are Mine Because I Have Decided You Are Mine

If your cat rubs against you, consider yourself duly owned by that cat. When they do this, cats leave a unique scent marker that identifies you as their preferred human. You may notice that cats even prefer one person over another in households with several family members. While cats will form bonds with several people, they will likely only claim one person as “theirs.” What few affectionate behaviors they display will likely be directed towards their chosen person.

Just Because I’m Purring Doesn’t Mean I’m Happy

Pets have very few ways to communicate. In general, we associate purring with contentment, but cats also purr when experiencing extreme emotions. Cats will purr when scared, in pain, or angry. Pay attention to your cat’s body language to decipher his emotional state before petting or picking up your pet.

White cat laying down and yawning

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