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5 Strategies to Keep Thanksgiving Toxin-Free

by PetFirst Pet Insurance
2 months ago

Thanksgiving is a fun holiday for humans, but for pets, it can get dangerous. Between toxic foods and lots of new people to beg from, it’s all too easy for your dog or cat to eat something they shouldn’t and end up in the hospital. Stay safe this year with these five strategies to keep Thanksgiving toxin-free. 

#1. Keep food up high 

Several common Thanksgiving foods can be dangerous for dogs and cats to consume: 

  • Turkey skin (this can cause pancreatitis in dogs — small pieces of turkey meat without spices are okay, however)  
  • Bones 
  • Onions 
  • Garlic 
  • Grapes or raisins 
  • Dairy 
  • Apple seeds 
  • Nuts 
  • Yeast dough 
  • Xylitol (an artificial sweetener found in baked goods) 
  • Chocolate
  • Alcohol

To prevent your pet from eating something it shouldn’t, keep all food up high and out of reach — in the center of the dining room table, or shoved to the very back of the counter where even a counter-surfing dog can’t reach. 

#2. Keep your pets busy

Entertaining your dog or playing with the cat is probably the last thing on your mind if you’re hosting Thanksgiving. If you aren’t able to keep an eye on your pets, however, you don’t need to let them roam freely around the house and the kitchen. Consider crating your dog while you cook or sending him outside in the backyard to play with other family members. You could also buy your 5 Strategies to Keep Thanksgiving Toxin Freedog or cat a new toy and save it until you’re ready to start cooking. That way, your pets won’t get bored and decide to swipe something from the kitchen. 

#3. Educate your guests 

Don’t be afraid to (politely) ask any guests to not feed the animals. It can be hard to resist a mournful set of puppy-dog eyes, but since so many Thanksgiving foods are toxic to dogs, it’s best not to feed your pet scraps at all. Convey that same message to your visitors so they won’t be tempted to drop some turkey under the table. 

#4. Take out the trash 

Don’t leave trash bags where your pets can get to what’s inside. Besides the risk of eating poisonous leftovers, your pet might be in danger of intestinal blockage from plastic wrap or skewers. Dispose of the turkey carcass immediately, tying the trash bag tightly shut and then placing it either behind a closed door or outside. 

#5. Act fast 

If you suspect that your pet has eaten something dangerous, don’t wait until the holiday is over to take care of things — call a clinic now. You can contact your local vet’s office if they have an emergency clinic, or get in touch with the  Animal Poison Control Center at (855-764-7661) immediately. Let them know what your pet has eaten, how much and when. 

If your pet does accidentally consume a poisonous food, treatment might result in expensive medical bills. PetFirst Pet Insurance can help offset those costs during the holiday season. 

Stay Aware and Keep Your Pet Safe

Here at PetFirst, we know accidents and illnesses happen to all pets. PetFirst is here for every dog and cat. From common colds to more significant health problems, pet insurance can help cover unexpected vet visits.

Pet insurance provides peace of mind that if your pet gets sick or injured, you don’t have to worry about the financial aspect of his treatment.  You can just focus on your pet’s care.

Already have a PetFist Insurance Policy? If you have any specific questions or concerns and want to start a live video call with a veterinarian to discuss them, simply download the new airVet app. All calls on airVet are already covered as part of PetFirst policies.

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